Measure J School Board Bond


By approval of this proposition by at least 55% of the registered voters voting

on the proposition, the South San Francisco Unified School District (the “District”) shall be

authorized to issue and sell bonds of up to $162,000,000 in aggregate principal amount to

provide financing for the specific school facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List

below, subject to all of the accountability safeguards specified below.


The provisions in this section are specifically included in this proposition in

order that the District’s voters and taxpayers may be assured that their money will be spent

wisely to address specific facilities needs of the District, all in compliance with the

requirements of Article XIII A, Section 1(b)(3) of the State Constitution, and the Strict

Accountability in Local School Construction Bonds Act of 2000 (codified at Education Code

Sections 15264 and following).

Evaluation of Needs. The Board of Trustees has evaluated the facilities needs

of the District at each campus and facility to determine which projects to finance from a

local bond at this time. The Board has certified that it has evaluated safety, class size

reduction and information technology needs in developing the Bond Project List.

Limitation on Use of Bond Proceeds. The State Constitution allows proceeds

from the sale of bonds authorized by this proposition to be used only for the construction,

reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement of school facilities listed in this proposition,

including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, or the acquisition or lease of real

property for school facilities, and not for any other purpose, including teacher and

administrator salaries and other school operating expenses. Proceeds of the bonds may be

used to pay or reimburse the District for the cost of District staff when performing work on

or necessary and incidental to the bond projects.

Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The Board of Trustees shall

establish an independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (pursuant to Education Code

Section 15278 and following), to ensure bond proceeds are spent only for the school

facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List. The committee shall be established no later

than 60 days following the date on which the Board enters the election results on its minutes.

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Annual Performance Audits. The Board of Trustees shall conduct an annual,

independent performance audit to ensure that the bond proceeds have been expended only on

the school facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List.

Annual Financial Audits. The Board of Trustees shall conduct an annual,

independent financial audit of the bond proceeds until all of those proceeds have been spent

for the school facilities projects listed in the Bond Project List.

Special Bond Proceeds Account; Annual Report to Board. Upon approval of

this proposition and the sale of any bonds approved, the Board of Trustees shall take actions

necessary pursuant to Government Code Section 53410 and following to establish an

account in which proceeds of the sale of bonds will be deposited. As long as any proceeds

of the bonds remain unexpended, the Superintendent or the chief fiscal officer of the District

shall cause a report to be filed with the Board no later than December 31 of each year,

commencing December 31, 2011, stating (1) the amount of bond proceeds received and

expended in that year, and (2) the status of any project funded or to be funded from bond

proceeds. The report may relate to the calendar year, fiscal year, or other appropriate annual

period as such officer shall determine, and may be incorporated into the annual budget,

audit, or other appropriate routine report to the Board.


Specific Purposes. All of the purposes enumerated in this proposition shall be

united and voted upon as one single proposition, pursuant to Education Code Section 15100,

and shall constitute the specific purposes of the bonds, and proceeds of the bonds shall be

spent only for such purposes, pursuant to Government Code Section 53410.

Joint Use. In order to maximize the benefits of the bond proceeds to further

enhance the student environment, the District may enter into agreements with any city,

county, or other public agencies or nonprofit organizations for joint use of school facilities

financed with the proceeds of the bonds in accordance with Education Code Section

17077.42 (or any successor provision). The District may seek State grant funds for eligible

joint-use projects as permitted by law, and this proposition hereby specifies and

acknowledges that bond funds will or may be used to fund all or a portion of the local share

for any eligible joint-use projects identified in the Bond Project List or as otherwise

permitted by California State regulations, as the Board of Trustees shall determine.

Rate of Interest. The bonds shall bear interest at a rate per annum not

exceeding the statutory maximum, payable at the time or times permitted by law.

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Term of Bonds. The number of years the whole or any part of the bonds are to

run shall not exceed 40 years from the date of the bonds or the date of any series thereof.


The Bond Project List below describes the specific projects the District

proposes to finance with proceeds of the bonds. Inclusion of a project on the Bond Project

List is not a guarantee that the project will be funded or completed. Listed projects will be

completed as needed at a particular site according to Board-established priorities, and the

order in which such projects appear on the Bond Project List is not an indication of priority

for funding or completion. The Board of Trustees may make changes to the Bond Project

List in the future consistent with the projects specified in the proposition.

Until all project costs and funding sources are known, the Board of Trustees

cannot determine the amount of bond proceeds available to be spent on each project, nor

guarantee that the bonds will provide sufficient funds to allow completion of all listed

projects. The final cost of each project will be determined as plans are finalized,

construction bids are awarded, and projects are completed. Certain construction funds

expected from non-bond sources have not yet been secured, including State grant funds the

District might reasonably expect to request for eligible projects, deferred maintenance funds,

public agency or nonprofit partner contributions to joint-use projects, utility rebates, etc.

Completion of some projects may be subject to further government approvals by State

officials and boards, to local environmental review, and to input from the public.

Project costs include costs of the election and bond issuance, construction

overhead, and related costs, such as construction management, architectural, engineering,

inspection and other planning and permitting costs, legal, accounting and similar fees,

independent annual financial and performance audits, a customary construction contingency,

and other costs incidental to and necessary for completion of the listed projects (whether

work is performed by the District or by third parties).

The District is hereby authorized to use bond proceeds to acquire any of the

projects on the Bond Project List through temporary leases, lease-purchase arrangements, or

other appropriate financial arrangements, and to execute the purchase option under any lease

or otherwise pay off outstanding lease obligations, for any of these authorized facilities.

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Unless otherwise noted, the projects in the Bond Project List are authorized to

be completed at each or any of the District’s sites. District schools and locations are:

Elementary Schools

Buri Buri Elementary School 120 El Campo Drive, South San Francisco

Junipero Serra Elementary School 151 Victoria Street, Daly City

Los Cerritos Elementary School 210 West Orange Avenue, South San Francisco

Martin Elementary School 35 School Street, South San Francisco

Monte Verde Elementary School 2551 St. Cloud Drive, San Bruno

Ponderosa Elementary School 295 Ponderosa Road, South San Francisco

Skyline Elementary School 55 Christen Avenue, Daly City

Spruce Elementary School 501 Spruce Avenue, South San Francisco

Sunshine Gardens Elementary School 1200 Miller Avenue, South San Francisco

Middle Schools

Alta Loma Middle School 116 Romney Avenue, South San Francisco

Parkway Heights Middle School 825 Parkway Avenue, South San Francisco

Westborough Middle School 2570 Westborough Boulevard, South San Francisco

High Schools

El Camino High School 1320 Mission Road, South San Francisco

South San Francisco High School 400 B Street, South San Francisco

Baden High School 825 Southwood Drive, South San Francisco

Other Facilities

South San Francisco Adult Education 825 Southwood Drive, South San Francisco

Children’s Center 530 Tamarack Lane, South San Francisco

District Offices 398 B Street, South San Francisco

Foxridge (Community Day School) 2525 Wexford Avenue, South San Francisco

Sierra Vista (Training Center) 257 Longford Drive, South San Francisco

Hillside (pre-K) 1400 Hillside Boulevard, South San Francisco

Renovation, Repair and Construction

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Major renovation, repair and construction at the following school sites: Buri Buri

Elementary School, Martin Elementary School, Alta Loma Middle School, Parkway

Heights Middle School, South San Francisco High School

Replace deteriorating portable classrooms with new permanent classroom buildings

and support facilities

Construct additional classrooms, classroom buildings and school support service

space at sites where needed

Upgrade and/or renovate science classrooms and labs to provide facilities equipped to

meet all curriculum and safety requirements

Repair/replace deteriorated roofs or portions of roofs to extend the useful life of

school facilities

Repair/rehabilitate classroom buildings and other structures in need of strengthening

for earthquake safety

Improve student safety by replacing, upgrading and / or installing fire- and life-safety

systems, emergency communications systems, and security systems including alarms,

smoke- and fire-detection systems and sprinklers, and building and campus security

improvements including fencing, locks, exterior lighting, etc.

Upgrade outdated electrical, heating and ventilation, and power generation and

distribution systems, to provide for basic facilities operating needs, meet the

requirements of technology upgrades, etc.

Replace, repair or upgrade aging and /or inadequate gas lines, and plumbing &

drainage systems, including water supply, water heating, wastewater systems, and

plumbing fixtures; within buildings and sites and to connect with city supply and

drainage systems

Renovate and/or construct restrooms to replace deteriorating facilities with upgraded

toilet facilities

Provide improvements to comply with the requirements of the Americans with

Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and state building codes. These improvements may include

upgrades, modifications, and construction of restrooms, classrooms and other school

facilities such as ramps, paths, doors, and parking

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Upgrade and/or renovate school libraries and theaters, and construct new libraries,

gymnasiums and/or multipurpose rooms for instructional, athletic and physical

education, and performing arts uses, as well as community uses

Renovate, improve, construct and/or repair athletic fields, tracks and turf, swimming

pool, bleachers, lighting, fencing, etc., including irrigation and drainage, to improve

student safety and allow greater use of school facilities including community use

Improvement of school grounds, including paths, ramps, school entry areas, outdoor

student eating areas , student drop-off areas, and parking; construct new outdoor

performance/instruction spaces for classes, school event, and community use

Replace / upgrade / install new classroom teaching tools and educational equipment,

including smartboards, computers, digital projectors, audio and video recording and

editing equipment, etc.

Furnish and equip classrooms, athletic facilities and other facilities, including

replacement of equipment on an ongoing basis, as needed

Upgrade voice and data communication systems, including wired and wireless

network equipment

Upgrade buildings with efficient technologies to conserve energy and reduce costs,

such as energy-efficient windows, window coverings, improved insulation, and

climate control systems

Install solar panels and power-generating equipment, and other alternative/renewable

energy systems

Remove, dispose of, and otherwise remediate hazardous materials, including asbestos,

lead, etc., where necessary

Address unforeseen conditions revealed by renovation / construction (including

plumbing breaks, dry rot, seismic, structural defects, etc.)

Necessary site preparation and restoration in connection with new construction,

renovation or remodeling, or installation or removal of portable classrooms, including

demolition and replacement of existing structures; removing, replacing, or installing

irrigation, drainage, utility lines (gas, water, sewer, electrical, data and voice, etc.),

06 E Measure J-Full Text.doc Created on 8/25/2010 11:49 AM

trees and landscaping; relocating fire access roads; and acquiring any necessary

easements, licenses, or rights of way to the property

Rental or construction of storage facilities and other space on an interim basis, as

needed, to accommodate construction materials, equipment, personnel, and interim

classrooms (including relocatables) for students and school functions or other storage

for classroom materials displaced during construction

All other work, furnishing and equipping, necessary and incidental to specific projects

described above.

For any project involving renovation, rehabilitation or repair of a building or the major

portion of a building, the District shall be authorized to proceed with new replacement

construction instead (including any necessary demolition), if the Board of Trustees

determines that replacement and new construction is more practical than renovation,

rehabilitation and repair, considering the building’s age, condition, expected remaining life,

comparative cost, and other relevant factors.



Home Measure “J” Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Members
Dana Abarca Lana Anderson
Rich Blank America Guiterrez
Richard Holt Veronica Mendoza
Rick Ochsenhirt Martin Romero

John Sanna Patricia Turpo Ames
Julia Lopez David Gallagher
This is all open to the public and the link has the bylaws, agendas, minutes and accounting. BTW someone had mentioned the solar panels and just to add that was a joint project with Chevron.

Click to access 06%20E%20Measure%20J-Full%20Text.pdf

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