Galli’s on Grand

Photo by Carol Fink Broussard

Photo by Carol Fink Broussard

Galli’s Bakery on Grand Avenue is over 100 years old and still treats us with wonderful and delicious holiday goodies. This is one of the establishments that makes South City – South City!

Bob Becker shares “I know it all to well…My aunt is a Galli. I grew up with an appreciation of their fine fare”.  Shannon Alhona Smith also gave a big thumbs up “This made me happy and miss home at the same time. I grew up on Sanitary Bakery. My wedding cake was from there. I still stop in for Canolli’s whenever I can. My favorite Bakery in the world!!” while Kathi Wendt posts her favorite “St Honore New Year’s Eve cake!!”  Other locals agreed right here and now – GALLI is the best


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