Vilma Larreynaga

Vilma Larreynaga has passed away and will be missed.

Vilma Larreynaga has passed away and will be missed.

We have just received the sad news of Vilma Larreynaga’s passing. Many know Vilma from Longs (Savon/CVS) She was a good friend to many and she will be sorely missed. Rest in peace dear one.

*Juxtica Denning: Vilma always made me laugh when we worked together. It made the day go faster. She will be missed.

*Christina Walker-Feger: How did she die??

*Carla DeMarco: I was just asking a friend about her, I hadn’t seen her in awhile. She was very sweet, she never took days off and worked two jobs. Rest in peace Vilma, you will be missed.

*Juan Bustos:¬† I used to work with her during the fun days at Long’s. It was good to see all the employees and customers who were able to attend. She touched the lives of a lot of people with her smile and laughter.

*Mary Ellen Greenway: Aww no I didn’t know she was always friendly and helpfand remembered names of not just you but your kids as well R.I.P. sweet angel.

*May Calleja: Oh no Vilma was the sweetest person to talk to. Always up beat and asked about Jeana every time she saw me at Longs/CVS. They worked together about 20 years ago. RIP sweet Vilma.

*Michael Costakis: I am very sadden to hear this! I also worked with her many years ago! I recently saw her before it changed to cvs and she totally remembered me! She was a sweet soul!

* Muriel Pleasic Peninger: I have known Vilma since she was very young. last i saw her she was getting let go from cvs. She didnt mention she was ill. does anyong know what she died of: I would relally like to know. RIP vilma God Bless u.

*Courtney Tetreault: Oh no! I remember her from when I was little. RIP

*Stephanie Aragon-Patton: @muriel you know everyone lol .

*Judy Stone: I worked with Vilma for more than 20 years at both Sav-on and Longs. She was the person at our customer service register that both employees and customers relied on. She treated her customers like friends in the “old Longs” tradition. Vilma had liver cancer and died peacefully in her sleep of a heart attack.

*Muriel Pleasic Peninger: Oh that poor baby. I am so glad she went in her sleep. She never told me she was sick. What happened to her sister and Mom and Dad? Are they taken care of? She worked two jobs so she could take care of them. She beat drugs and alcohol problems and God was with her all the way. I will always think of her with her wonderful Smile. God Rest her soul.

*Jack Smith: Was her last name Honan?

* Andrea Villa: Hi Judy, I’m sure you remember my mom, Millie Carey. She started working at Sav-on with you and Vilma when it first opened. That’s when I met Vilma. She was the nicest person and my mom and her where great friends. After my mom retired I would bring her to the store so she could visit with Vilma. Five years ago my mom had a stroke and didn’t go out much, but would tell me to say hello to her when I was at Longs. Vilma would always ask about my mom too. Sadly, my mom passed away in March 2011. Hopefully she will see Vilma up in Heaven. I’m going to miss my friend.

*Amanda Parker-Govea: I am sorry that I did not see this sooner. I briefly worked with Vilma at Longs a few years ago and she was very sweet and real!! I appreciated everything she taught me when I worked there. Thank you Vilma and I pray that you are resting in peace!!

*Kamala Silva Wolfe: Vilma and I shared many talks and laughs as well as our birthdays. I never knew she was ill and seeing the flyer of her death was a huge surprise that caught me off guard. She was a ray of sunshine and is missed.

*Juan Busto: My boys worked with her. They have nice things to say. May she rest in peace…

*Susan Allsbrook: I just joined this group to read all the awesome things y’all had to say about Vilma. I met and worked with Vilma when she was 19…I think Murial you knew her way back then too. I remember Sid from the mail room and Bob our boss. We had been friends for all those years..35 to be exact. We had a falling out once but when we got back together it was like we had never been apart.

I love Vilma and will never forget her. Just little things we had in common…sayings…movies we saw, music we liked…she is missed. I think of her everyday and her laugh. She had an infectious laugh. Got along with everyone and loved all the people she worked with at longs. Judy was one of her best friends and helped Vilma lots and in the end days she was still by her side. Thank you Judy. ¬†Vilma was very family oriented… her family meant the world to her. She was driving her mom and sister shopping even up to the end. She loved her nieces and nephews and always spoke of them. Someone had mentioned her dad in one of the comments. He passed away years ago, that was very hard on the family. I just wanted to Thank everyone of you for sharing your experiences here. It sounds like she had a lot of very good friends, everyone knew her and loved her and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being her friend. You all meant a lot to her as well, Vilma loved everyone. Thank you again.

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