Utility Workers; Are they legit?

Utility workers must notify you before entering your property and you have the right to refuse entrance if you have no easement. If you have easement you can request they return at a convenient time. COMCAST workers are in our city doing work on the cable lines. If you do not have COMCAST you can request they remove any COMCAST cable lines to your home to help reduce the visual blight.

This is important because many of those home during the day are seniors or those disabled or people with young children. At the same time we have more & more questionable ‘independent contractors’ that may or may not be legit. We need to protect our neighbors and educate the utility companies of the proper protocol. Any concerns or questions contact South San Francisco Police Department at 650-877-8900 M-F 8-5 or 650-873-3333

A short time ago we had reports of a phony Comcast collector in the west side of our city, we all have to be watchful – for ourselves and for our neighbors. If they come to your door they must have ‘valid’ ID.  Again if any concerns or questions contact PD.


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