ESC Recap May 23, 2012

What’s Up South City?

This past week found much speculation as to why El Camino High School Principal Greg Thompson will not be returning this next year along with possibly two other vice principals. There was a lot of support for Mr. Thompson and many expressed sadness at seeing him leave.

ESC did a GAME ON asking folks to share pictures from the SSFUSD game at ATT Park. Tim Hopkins shared some great photos; Superintendent Alejandro Hogan with Sergio Romo as he was throwing out the first pitch and another great one of our school bands on the field.  (see photos) Other winners were Myla Jessica La Rocca sharing a picture of her family at the game and Nubia Angulo shared her photo of the SSFHS JAZZ BAND @ GIANTS. Some great prizes were given out to our winners.

Lynton & Denise Esquivel shared exciting news about launching a new business on June 1st, is another great way to get awesome LOCAL deals.  For more info contact: 650.652.3402 or

Great sadness continues to pour in over the recent death of Jane Porcelli, supervisor at El Camino High School.  It was nice that the services and reception were held in the evening allowing so many of the students, past and present, attend. Jane you will be missed.

Shelly Masur, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors candidate, was in downtown talking with Mayor Garbarino and merchants. They stopped by Bronstein Music caught a photo with our favorite Don Edwards.

Curiosity was cured when a question was answered regarding the fenced in area at Ponderosa School. Turns out it is the After School Care project that seems to have gone untended. This might be a great project for Improving Public Places to keep up so our little ones can see some natural beauty rather than weeds.

And some lamenting over the 636 El Camino Realdevelopments next to South City High School as more and more high rises eliminate our views of the mountains.

636 ECR blocking view of mountains we take for granted

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