ESC Recap May 30,2012

What’s up South City?

This past week we had more interesting conversations on our page including:

Back in March, as ESC was seeking donations for Juliana’s Journey, Robert Jimenez reached out from Afgahanistan wanting to know how he and his unit could help our little princess warrior. We were all so touched by his outpouring of caring kindness and looked forward to his homecoming on May 24th.  We put the word out when his boots hit US soil and over 80 ESC fans chimed in with ‘likes’ and welcomes. Below are listed some of the welcoming words:

Please join in as we welcome ROBERT JIMENEZ home from Afghanistan and celebrate as another pair of boots hit US soil. Thank you sir for your dedication and service, welcome home and blessings on you and your family.


Jeannette Yesitsnineletters Thank you Robert!!!

Kathi Carelli Thank you for all you have done for us and out Country

Dawn Pace Robert, thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandi Magner Welcome home! Thank you for your service and dedication. Your sacrifices and those of your family are deeply appreciated. God Bless you and I pray for your continued safety
Brenda Ann Bonturi Welcome home, Robert!! God bless!

Maria Maldonado Barba Welcome home and THANK YOU for your service!!!!!!

Angie Harris-Robinson Welcome home!!

Ben Cheah Thank you for your service.

John Kevranian Thank you for your service and welcome home!

Manuela Cortright thank you for your dedication, service, courage and loyalty. Welcome home!!

Lynda Jean Hanes You are our hero in so many ways, Robert…We welcome you home with arms open wide and love and apreciation for all that you have sacrificed for all of us…

Cheryl Passanisi Thankyou Robert for all u did and for getting home safe and sound

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter Welcome home Robert!!! Thanks for everything you go thru over there to help keep us safe…I know your sis Vero is sooo happy to have you back home!!! Welcome Back Home!!!

Laura Lee Grimes Robert, we owe you more than we understand. Thank you for stepping forward. For ever on your debt. Welcome home!

Kat Rudd Welcome home Robert! A sincere great thanks to you for all that you’ve done and do!

Angela De Benedetto Thank you for protecting our freedom, Robert.

Juan Bustos Robert Jimenez, you and a friend, are cordually invited to be our BWB guest at our Boun Viaggio (bon Voayage) on June 23rd at Molloy’s Tavern. Welcome home and thank you for your service.

Linda Baskin Aug I do not know you, but I am from SSF and want to thank you for your service to our country and to protect me and keep me and my family safe. I am happy you are home with your family . God Bless you !

Julie Formosa Thank you Robert and God Bless You!

Debbie Bolton Smyser WELCOME HOME, ROBERT!!! Job well done! Thank you for the sacrifices you made and continue to make for our great nation!

Chriss Hobbs-Lisitzin Welcome home thank you for everything you have done keeping all of us safe even if it meant leaving your family

Angelique Presidente Welcome home sir! Thank you for all you have sacrificed to keep us safe. Much love and respect from the Presidente Clan ♥

Jackie Belli Welcome home! Thank you for your service to our country. You are a hero.

Maura Silva-bouc Welcome Home!!!!! Thank you Robert for serving our country. I salute you.

Karen Romano Welcome home and thank you for your service to our country!

Stephanie Miller Welcome home Robert! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to serve our country. Blessings to you and your family.

Denise Lucia Premenko Welcome home Robert, thank you for your service!!!

Jackie Kravchenko Lagomarsino Welcome home Robert! Thank you for your all you do! SSF is proud of you, America is proud of you! ♥

Peninsula Progress Welcome home, Robert. Thank you for your service!


*Shouts out to Doody Calls (650- 281-8116) for providing help with the Memorial Day Parade in San Mateo and for collecting donations to help with our K-9 friends. Doody Calls does it all – check them out.

 *Another San Mateo business, a technology company ICIX, will be moving into the Centennial Tower on Airport Blvd. With two businesses moving in expect  more building to begin soon as the 2nd tower may be starting.

*We have a South City mom who is currently unemployed and seeking clothes for her little daughter size 2T and larger, including hats & jackets. ESC asked if there were other items we might help her find and she added a car seat/booster seat & a jogging stroller. She has some $ to pay and is also wanting to donate her daughter’s outgrown items to someone else in need. If you have, or know of anyone that has, items to donate or sell for good price – pls email
Neighbors helping neighbors because that’s how we roll, right? Yep!
ESC will kick this off by gifting mom a $30 certificate for Babies R Us – How can you help? Thanks friends!

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