ESC Recap August 1, 2012

Everything South City is an online community group where people share what’s up in South City in real time. This is a recap of some of the past week’s posts.  Join in on the conversation at or find us on Facebook (you do not need a FB account to view the conversations, only to comment)

*Kris Peradotto shared on Friday July 25, Francisco Terrace just had five car get keys and scratched bad and with profanity scratched into the car thanks to some great neighbor they stop the teens from scratching more cars and the cops quick response in catching them from getting away with it . All cars were on the same block, Francisco.


*Reunion Info: “Hey anyone from South City c/o ’79? Any word on the reunion?” Asks Kimberly Rogers- Sutter.

SSF & EC – Class of 1977 – 35 Year Class Reunion September 22, 2012 – 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Cost: $50.00 PP which includes open seating, dinner buffet and each person will receive three (3) drink tokens. Music provided by Sh Boom DJ Payment will NOT be accepted at the door.
Deadline for payment: September 15, 2012
Please write/mail your check to: Evelia Hanna **EDIT REMOVED PER REQUEST 8/6/18** Tracy, CA 95377


* Michelle Milam-Alexis shared “Huge accident on Sneath Lane @ El Camino Real…looks like 5 cars, possibly fatal??” on Saturday July 28 and alerted us all to this tragic situation that took the lives of South City’s Usbaldo Gomez and Arnulfo Picazo, who was from San Bruno. Many on ESC were sharing updates as information became available and this helped people to avoid the area. ESC and friends send out heartfelt condolences to the Gomez & Picazo families and also to those who were injured we wish for a speedy recovery.


* Jeanne Corpus-Lutz checks in from Cooperstown with our 2012 SSF FOG:
“After many of our team members experienced delays, missed connection flights due to delays, lost baggages due to missed flights including one of our equipment bags. All are Here safely and ready to represent South Francisco the best way we can. Show these east coasters how the west coast party. Let the games begin.”


*Good news comes from our Boys & Girls Club as they have named our SSF Learning Center the “Elliot Fischer Learning Center” in honor of Elliot Fischer, a Club volunteer for over 20 years who passed away on March 5, 2012. Elliot came to the Club several times each week to teach kids to read, to help them with their homework, or to offer support and encouragement if they were struggling with school. I’ve heard several young people in South San Francisco say that they would not have graduated from high school had it not been for Elliot. Elliot made homework time fun—once he held a “wine and cheese” reception (really grape juice and cheese) for kids who stayed late to work on their homework with him. He was a member of the Board of Directors for over 5 years, and was the Treasurer for much of that time; he was also the Treasurer for the BGCNSMC Foundation. Elliot’s positive outlook in the face of challenges made those who knew him feel that anything was possible.

* Do you walk in South City – notice areas that need attention- sidewalks etc? The city has completed the first 4 chapters of the Pedestrian Master Plan & it can be viewed on this link.
(C’mon now – how many of you even knew there was a ‘Pedestrian Master Plan’?) After pg 7 there is a list of streets and recommendations – interesting to check out.
(if you want to read the whole issue ‘How to Improve Walkability and Save Energy’ – use this link

Some areas discussed include: Arroyo Drive between Camaritas
Avenue and El Camino Real, Crestwood Drive from Holly Avenue
to Evergreen Drive, Brentwood Dr from Pinehurst Way to El
Camino Real, Ponderosa Road from El Camino Real
to Alhambra Road, Westborough Boulevard from Callan Boulevard to Gellert Boulevard, and lots more.


*The advertising in the SMDJ by our Gunter Restaurant brought about many memories and included over 40 ‘likes’ along with these words from some of our friends:

Andy Saunders Was it Zim’s B4 that…. Value Giant next Door.

Denise Weston I can remember eating there when I was little. Parents ate there for many years.

Inez Cunningham Great restaurants.

Peggy Noonan Drug King & QFI Parking lot.

Andy Saunders Doherty & Dunne. Haircut Place with a Playboy Bunny sign. (What was the Name?) First National Bank (Just like in the Cartoons)

Rose Chang Chiu <sigh> I just came back from eating there. Didn’t get on FB today.

Joan Almeida My mother in laws favorite place.

Greg Maffei I took my sister and her daughter there over the break and it is good!

Connie Holland Larry and I used to go there all the time. I liked having breakfast there.

Stacey Oborne A South City classic, to be sure!

Andrea Peralta My favorite breakfast there is the South City omelets! It is so good!


*More memories came up when ESC posted: ” So who all remembers Luigi from Straw Hat Pizza? He happened to read this article in the Peninsula Progress and was touched that he was remembered & appreciated. Sometimes we never know the full value of a thank you until many years later so be sure to stop on by Luigi’s Place in Pacifica (950 Linda Mar, Closed Tues) and show him some ♥” Over 30 friends ‘liked’ this status and many shared kind works:

Stu Harmon Spent many an hour when i was a kid riding that penny horse he had and watching Three Stoogies movies.

Andy Saunders  Pizza Little League Baseball. 1978-80 (Then Many Punks 1980-1990 hung out there) He kept them in line and had their respect. Too Bad Joe Jumpin Bean Never got Respect. Both Good Men. Talked to Luigi 6 Months ago and Told Him same thing… 😉  Luigi Squeegee 😉

Charles J. Desira Luigi is such a nice man, treated us so well after baseball games at Straw Hat Pizza, glad to hear he is active and well!

Erika Guardado-Pearce Wow my dad was friends w/ him & we threw all our bday parties @ straw hat when he worked there! But his pizza was the best.

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter He was soo sweet….I even went back as an adult with my kids..:))

Connie Simotas He is such a great person still run into him at the store.

Brian Gavin If you’re from SSF, how can you forget? Great stuff!

Ricardo Duarte We were permanent fixtures at Straw Hat during the Niner games!!! Loved the pizza



*Remember Tuesday August 7th is NATIONAL NIGHT OUT and ESC encourages neighbors to get outside your front door and meet up with your neighbors, catch up on what’s new in your area. If you don’t own your block, who does.  Nothing formal is needed – just get outside your door & meet up with other neighbors. Some areas are hosting special events like Old Town per the city flyer 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Francis Drake Lodge #376 Masonic Center 307 Walnut Ave. Contact Vice Mayor Pedro Gonzalez at
650-589-7170 for more info. Winston Manor and Paradise Valley will be hosting neighbors on this night.


*Which leads into another great reminder to join up with the online program NEXTDOOR.COM, a private online neighborhood group for your area. Central Downtown


*Boys & Girls Club will be hosting their annual Lobster Feed Fundraiser Sat Sept 22nd at the Club $55 pp, more info contact the club at For tickets & information, please visit or call (415) 242-5253


*From our local Military Moms Group : Debbie Bolton Smyser This is your opportunity to help our troops by simply taking a few minutes out of your busy day to send a thoughtful card. Thank you!!!!!!! A local Marine from Prosser, WA is having a rough go in San Diego. During a 3-mile run at Twenty-Nine Palms last week, Sgt. Sergio Pineda began coughing up blood and was sent to Balboa Naval Hospital. He has been diagnosed with Leukimia. His parents are now in the process of booking flights, etc. so they can be with Sergio. Sergio has a wife and 2 children. His parents are part of OTY and we have welcomed Sergio home. Let’s lift this family up in prayer. Lots of cards have been requested. Address:
Sgt Sergio A. Pineda, USMC 34800   Bob Wilson Drive  San Diego, Ca. 92134-5000


*Hey People – please be on the look out on Fairfax and neighboring streets per Vicky Vega’s post:
I live on Fairfax Wy in SSF. My neighbor just got robbed, they went to the store came back noticed someone watching them as he rode his bike in front of her house! Pisses me off, this poor lady has cancer and her sister came from Canada to here to take care of her, they took all her cash and credit cards! NOT BUENO PUNKS!!!!!!!!!



Over 400 people ‘liked’ ESC status “Yeah Baby!” as we re-posted one of our favorite GIANTS photos:

Sign Hill, in South City, speaks volumes of the GIANT fever we all have been feeling. Some have even been known to call in sick to work, this fever is so severe. Let’s hope there is no cure.
Great photo by Roger Cain


More talk about the PGE gas transmission lines as PGE does a presentation to our City Council on the repair of line 132. ESC posted this map of South City showing where these gas lines run in our city.


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