ESC Recap Aug 8-18/2012 Peninsula Progress

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*Friday August 3rd Stanley Williams shared PD is looking for a Hit and Run suspect in the Grand and Airport area East Grand and Gateway. Hispanic male with mustache and dark clothing about 5’10 short hair. He left the scene of a minor injury accident toward east grand and gateway.


*Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County shared The 5th Annual Staples for Students Supply Drive is collecting school supplies for our Club youth. Help support our Club members by visiting your local Staples store at 470 Noor Ave to donate! Visit for info.


*On Wednesday August 1st around 1:20pm there were three very loud BOOMS that echoed through out the Peninsula and beyond and over 50 people checked in the ESC to determine what the noise was . No conclusive information was determined yet best guesses were from Angel Perez ‘The SFPD has a gun range behind the airport and they were letting bombs off for practice…’, and  Frank Poncherello “With all those reports from different areas, wouldn’t be surprised if it were a sonic boom from a high-flying military aircraft and from Ezio Nurisio “I heard it in Brentwood three times. Third one was faint. Sounded like it came from across the bay. Could possibly be sonic booms.”


*Over 150 people on ESC welcomed home JONATHAN CAIRO, U.S. Army of South San Francisco! His boots hit U.S. Soil today! We appreciate your service sir! And many shared comments of welcoming:

 Fernando Solis thank you jonathon

Cindy Melero Reich Glad you are home safe Cairo!

Teresa Teani happy your home dude!! hope you stop by!

Juan Bustos Welcome home!!!

Tianaa Vialau awww

Brian Gavin Welcome home, sir!

Charles J. Desira Welcome home Cairo!!

Jada Villa Welcome home Cairo from Villasenor Family !!

Evelyn Zaldana-Martinez Welcome home!!! Glad you are safe. Thank you for your bravery in service.

Colleen Egan Welcome home Jonathan! Please come by and see us!!

Angelique Presidente Welcome home sir!

Sia Mageo THANK YOU for all your hard work. Welcome back and GOD Bless you and your family!!!

Tita Langi Scheller Welcome home and THANK YOU!!!!!

Denise Lucia Premenko Welcome Home!!! Thank you 😉

Janis Adato Welcome Home J.C. sir….A grateful thank you with love& respect. GOD BLESS YOU!

Cruci Argumedo Bienvenido ~ Welcome ¡Gracias! ~ Thank you! HAPPY HOMECOMING AND MANY MORE BLESSINGS TO ENJOY.

Karen Romano Welcome home! Thank you for your service!!!


*Gloria Catanach shared this concern which started a lively discussion on traffic conditions in Brentwood: “I really think SSF should consider speed bumps on the 3 way intersections on Northwood! It’s ridiculous the way people drive, I just watched a SSFPD van with an outhouse and gardening trailer roll right thru the stop with a load of people! Sooner or later something bad is going to happen ? I’m going video tape and bring to the station!!!!”


By Kamala Silva Wolfe

Peninsula Progress Aug 8-18, 2012 Edition

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