ESC Recap 9.19.2012

ESC Recap
Everything South City is an online community group where people share what’s up in South City in real time. This is a recap of some of the past week’s posts.  Join in on the conversation at or find us on Facebook .

*Much buzz about the City Wide Garage Sale on Saturday September 8th with a follow up Flea Market hosted by our San Bruno neighbors in San Bruno Park.

*El Camino High School Band had a car wash on Saturday September 8, 2012.
and ESC encourage all to let support our COLTS & keep the ride clean….

*Folks on Everything South City were very concerned over the parent abduction of Brooklynn & Devin Maffeo and shared the information that the father had taken the children from the home on James Ct and had them on a sail boat off of Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay when he was sighted by another boater. Chris Maffeo turned himself in and the two little ones were safely returned to their mother. ESC joined in on the shouts out to our SSFPD and multiple agencies that worked together for a safe return.

*Football season has kicked off at South City High and El Camino and the rivalry is on for the BELL Game which will be played Nov 10. Get onto Everything South City and vote for your winning team now!

*South City’s Kurt Yaeger was big news as the season opener of Sons of Anarchy on Sept 11 stars Kurt as Greg the Peg.

*There was great shock and sorrow as word came out that our beloved Isaac Mejia from San Bruno was killed in an auto accident on September 8th. Most everyone knows Isaac, the owner of Don Pico’s in San Bruno, and plan to attend his memorial mass on Tuesday September 18th.  Memorial donations are being asked for San Bruno Leos Clubs c/o San Bruno Lions Club, P.O. Box 242, San Bruno, CA 94066 or the Shriners Hospital

*We all shared in on the sad remembrances of the gas explosion in San Bruno, how quickly lives were lost and forever changed on that fateful September 9th. More sad remembrances followed on September 11.  It was a very sad week for us all.

*South San Francisco Police reports came out and showed our 77 year old neighbor living at the senior complex on Chestnut had been raped and assaulted by her 58 year old boyfriend, David Walton.  Many weighed in on this horrific attack and sent messages for a full recovery of the victim.

*Safe Harbor, the homeless shelter located in South City by the Costco on Airport, sent out a message they are in need of towels and our ESC fans have been very generous in the past. Call out for bath towel donations, please!  The call: Safe Harbor Shelter is in desperate need of bath towels, new or used-clean with lots of wear left in them. Please bring your donations to Samaritan House Headquarters at 4031 Pacific Blvd. San Mateo 94403. Call (650)341-4081 if you have any questions.


*There was a lot of concern and sharing of information regarding a loud boom that happened on September 11th which seems to have come from Franklin at Larch, per one of our fans.

*September 12 many looked up to see PI in the Sky ‘which was literally writing pi (3.14159…) in the blue expansive sky over the Bay Area. At 10,000 feet altitude a team of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology will skywrite the first 1,000 numbers of pi’s infinite sequence in a 100-plus-mile loop around the San Francisco Bay Area. “Pi in the Sky” will be the largest physical
expression of pi ever created. Each number will measure over a quarter-mile in height. This was led by where more information can be found.

*Jeanne Corpus-Lutz asks:
“Has anyone ever purchased lojack for their laptop and had to use the service due to theft and if you have how would you rate the service? My husbands computer was stolen during our Cooperstown trip and I am thinking of getting the LoJack on his replacement laptop. Thank you.” And there were some good responses that many agreed with:

Dave Anderson according to all the reviews I have read give them high marks for recovery.

Sal Lopez Do it you will most likely get it back also if it has a cam there’s a software that you can see who’s on it and print there pic or put it on you tube . I have it on my iPhone

*SSFPD K9 Unit is holding a FUNraiser which sells out fast: Comedy Night on Monday, October 1, 2012 at The Punchline Comedy Club in San Francisco (444 Battery Street)
Doors open at 7:00 pm and show begins at 8:00 pm. Four great comedians will entertain us that night, including Johnny Steele, Joe Klocek, Carla Clayy, and Jason Wheeler.
Tickets are only $25 each! Please contact K9 Officer Rebecca Dabney at 650-829-7212 or by if you would like to purchase tickets.

*Please help get the word out that there is support for people who have tremendous pressure on them as caretakers. While caretakers may seem as though they have super powers, they don’t. Many may not recognize how fragile they themselves have become and if/when they break, they easily can hurt others. While there is no excuse for harming others, there are steps to help prevent it.
UPDATE correct caregiver LOCAL info:
Family Caregiver Alliance . 785 Market St, Ste 750, San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: (415) 434.3388 . (800) 445.8106 . fax: (415) 434.3508
If you know of any elders that may be in any situation that can harm them, please contact our local Elder Abuse at 650-573-2435 or if they are in a nursing facility the Ombudsman at 650-780-5707.
Thank you to our SSFPD & SSFFD for helping bridge that gap.

* Marilyn Levene was looking  for recommendations for a Chinese Restaurant in South City or San Bruno and over 65 people responded. Seems Sky Dragon in Southwood  was the #1 choice, followed by Andy’s in Winston Manor, and Paradise in Westborough – which won’t be there for too much longer!


*One of our neighbors had this to report and many of our fans offered suggestions and support:

‘I am looking for anyone that witnessed an act of Road Rage today Tuesday September 11th around 2:00 p.m. at El Camino and Hickey Blvd. In the turning lane onto Hickey.
A man in his late 20’s and a Female passenger followed my husband from just north of Orange Ave. cutting in and out of traffic in front of him slamming on his breaks, swerving as to hit hi

s car or force the car into the other lane.
At the stop light at Hickey & El Camino the man jumped out of the drivers side WINDOW of a late model blue 4 door sedan, proceeds to punch out the drivers side window of my husbands car completely breaking it. He then climbed back through his car window and drove off on El Camino towards Colma.
There were many cars at that intersection at that time both on El Camino and on Hickey.
Hopefully someone saw something and would be able to add to the information that was already given to the SSFPD.
Thanking You in Advance for any help you would be able to supply’
SSFPD ph # (650) 877-8900
Anonymous tipline: 650-952-2244.


Carole Brady-Duport shares:
A female PGE worker from the Mission Road project asked me as I walked my dog today if I knew anyone who would dog sit for her Border Collie. The dog is at home (in Nevada, I think) and misses her terribly. She would pay and the dog would only be with the sitter during her work hours. She has a small station wagon with Nevada plates and parks with the PGE workers on Mission Road near the BART station. She said to leave a note on her windshield. Thanks!’




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