Gupta appointed to City Council

Pradeep Gupta

Pradeep Gupta

Congratulations to Pradeep Gupta on his appointment to our City Council filling the vacancy from Kevin Mullin.
From our City Clerks Office:
“Dr. Pradeep Gupta appointed to fill City Council seat vacated by Hon. Kevin Mullin through November 5, 2013; Special Election to be held

The South San Francisco City Council took action at its December 31, 2012 Special Meeting to appoint resident Dr. Pradeep Gupta to the position of City Councilmember through certification of the results of a Special Election to be held on November 5, 2013. The Special Election will be consolidated with the regularly scheduled November 5, 2013 Municipal Election.”

ESC salutes all those who stood up for the challenge and applied and interviewed seeking to help our city by serving on our City Council; Mark Nagales, Rhonda Ceccato, Pradeep Gupta, John Prouty, Rick Ochsenhirt, Carlos Martin, John Poletti, Nakshin Shah, Arnel Junio, Katherine MacKay Nelson, William Lock, Michael Lew and Alan Wong.

The November 2013 Election will now have four seats for voters to consider and ESC hopes our candidates continue to work towards the next campaign. (Matsumoto & Gonzalez are rumored not to be seeking re-election while  Addeigo will seek another term)

Gupta comes to our council after serving on the Planning Commission the past 3.5 years. He lists his current occupation as Sets Director and Producer with NAATAK – BAY AREA INDIAN THEATER AND FILM

All commissioners are appointed by our City Council.

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