SSFPD Officier RICKY AMADOR Saves Infant on Christmas Day

SSFPD Officer Ricky Amador saved an infants life on Christmas DayA forever thankful family received the best Christmas present on Christmas morning around 10:45 when South San Francisco Police Office RICKY AMADOR responded to a call that an infant was unresponsive. AMADOR immediately took action, clearing the baby’s airway and allowing her to breathe again.

The baby was taken to the hospital for follow up care and is reported to be doing well. Neighbors on Circle Court were both relieved and ecstatic at the good news. Tony Alvarado, a friend in the area, said, “I witnessed this and Ricky (Officer Amador) was calm as a cucumber”.
On behalf of our community, ESC would like to thank Officer RICK AMADOR for his quick thinking and actions and giving this family the best gift anyone could ever hope for.
Way to go Officer Amador, Thank you! More than 400 of our followers on our page signed in to acknowledge this heroic act.
Amador’s father, Rick Amador, is also a Police Officer who graduated from South San Francisco High School along with his wife Valerie Patton in the 1970’s.

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