Gun Buy Back Program: Aye or Nay?

Gun Buyback Program

Gun Buyback Program

San Mateo County will be having a gun buyback program and we asked our readers:
Will this keep more guns off the streets and out of criminal hands or un-arm legit gun owners? That is the question many are asking.

San Mateo County will be having a gun buyback this upcoming Sat (1/26) 10-2 at the SM Co Event Center -2495 S. Delaware St., SM. More info: 257-3403 ext. 9.
Firearms should be transported in the trunk of your vehicle.
($100 for a handgun $200 for *assault weapon)

* What is considered an assault weapon under California law?
There are three categories of assault weapons under California law. The first category is firearms listed on the original Roberti-Roos assault weapons list (Penal Code section 12276, subds (a), (b), and (c)). The second category of assault weapons is AK and AR-15 series weapons, pdf (Penal Code sections 12276 (e) and (f)). The third category of assault weapons is defined by specific generic characteristics (PC section 12276.1, SB 23).

It was a heated exchange and we ask our readers on our website here, what do you think?

Steve Carey Dumb idea.
Chris Smith that’s just stupid….. historic guns are being destroyed. ima stand at the buy back place and offer money for historic guns and history alive for another day
Angelina Anderson Medina The people who shouldn’t have guns aren’t turning them in. This is not a gun issue, it’s a mental health issue.
Danny Herrera They probably would put a question mark on the end of their question.
Laurel Moeslein Great to see San Mateo County following in the footsteps of Marin, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Alameda Counties by offering a solution oriented and proven remedy to illegal gun violence.
Sal Lopez Bet all those buy back guns are the ones that are going to end up back on the streets they don’t fall out the sky .don’t blame guns blame the idiots or the ill that get there hands on them ….. Look at Texas everyone Carry’s and violence and crime is down . Why don’t we stop goods coming in like china doesn’t allow and our economy will be back be because everything will be made over in the USA again and people will have jobs and money to support the family’s why don’t they stop making china rich and make United States making the money but I guess that’s all a dream . Funny how people will stand up for a petty gun law and not importing laws so we have to make our goods I’m USA
Ronald Fuentes Regardless if this will stop any crime by the individuals who turned in their guns but it shows our society is tired of the reckless nature of children killing children. 31 schools folks where the victims of crime were perpetrated by children of high school and college age.
David Valencia As a responsible gun owner this is a dumb idea. But I can agree there needs to be certain reforms ad new ideas on gun control as licensing.
Jim Chazer If people who don’t know how to use guns are selling them back, then it’s a good thing. If people who have kids whom they’re afraid might be tempted to use the guns for nefarious reasons or who think family members in the house have anger-issues or other mental illnesses, I’d say it’s a good thing. But if anyone thinks this is going to put a dent in criminal activity, they’re wrong.
Ashley Hope Even if these aren’t the guns and owners we should be worried about, why not offer these buy back programs to the ones who no longer want them? It’s putting $ back into their pockets while getting rid of a useless item.
Anthony Nieva I should go stand out in the parking lot with $400 and maybe get something really nice

Anthony Padin not a bad idea. pretty sure you can get some good stuff. if these people are turning em in for $100-200
Connie Moore Yea!!!! No body needs guns!
William Gipe Any working gun has the potential to harm. Unfortunately there are too many guns in the USA. It’s a defect which will be corrected in the coming years.
William Walsh Huh so if I used a gun in a crime I can turn it in and get cash and my evidence is destroyed. Wow what a great idea
Matt Wendt They’re most likely to run out of money. $100 or $200 is just change compared to what you can get selling them online, or private party transfer. I highly doubt any criminals are thugs are going to turn in their weapons, especially for chump change like that.
Ashley Hope You have to show id or proof of residency of that city which I would assume most criminals would want no part in that. Also they don’t take antiques.
Jim Chazer Connie: YOU THINK nobody needs a gun. It’s really not a singular truth and it’s really not for you to decide for someone else.
Ryan Rogers No this will not help curb criminal activity that utilize guns. Not like that criminals are going to bring their guns to the buy back. The only people who turn their guns in at the buy back program are llaw abiding citizens that feel they are doing a “good thing” when in reality they are only making themselves easier targets for criminals who want to break into their home and steal their valuable items. Criminals are always going to find ways to get guns, better to be prepared for them when they come a knocking.
Luis Duarte For every 50 legit responsible gun owners there is only 1 if not any criminals turning theirs in, they are criminals not stupid, they know they can sell it for more selling it underground than a stupid buy back hopefully the people turning them in never have to regret it
Maria Maldonado Barba No, it will not help crime. The legit will turn in, but the criminals will not.
Ashley Hope Or…criminals will break into these law abiding citizens homes and steal their registered guns. How many times have we heard that happen before? Im sure we could all go back and forth with these what if situations all night. I love hearing all sides of the arguement. Each side has its own valid points.
Jason Parker I’m a criminal and I have a gun that I’ve used in a crime. I’m looking for a way to get rid of this gun so that it can never be traced back to me…. Man I hope they are registering who they got these guns from and checking them all out.
Anthony Padin Dumb idea….if you were a legal gun owner what would be my motivation to sell it to you? Wouldn’t i sell it for what it is worth instead of a measly $100. If i were an illegal gun owner dont you think they would have paid more for it in the first place? If you really want to take guns off the street make it worth while. hell for the right price you can get these criminals to steal guns to sell em back.

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