Juliana’s Journey: Childhood Cancer Cure Needs Your Help Now!

Juliana Pena

Juliana Pena

Juliana Pena had the most incredible smile and the laughter bubbling up from this little two year old warmed the hearts of all that knew her.  A South City neighbor, Juliana was diagnosed with a childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma, which would end up taking her life after a hard fought battle that lasted a year. Juliana’s parents, Jesus Pena and Patricia Watson, had made a promise to their little one that they would work tirelessly to find more resources and a cure for this cancer and have established  Juliana’s Journey Foundation in her memory.

Juliana looking up with her heartwarming smile

Juliana looking up with her heartwarming smile

Recently another South City resident and mother of three, Angelique Presidente, started an online petition with the intent to bring this issue before the White House  in hope of gaining more funding for research and a cure. “My daughter and Juliana were the same age. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my daughter and our community needs to do more to honor Juliana’s memory. This is something we can all do.”

Currently this petition has 1,776 signatures and needs a minimum of 25,000 for it to be presented to President Obama. Juliana’s father, Jesus, expressed the frustration that so many frivolous issues receive attention from the public yet so many bypass this opportunity to help the children, and the families, that are dealing with this deadly disease.

You can help by going to the online petition and signing and sharing this with other so the required number can be reached by the deadline of January 16th.

Neuroblastoma Online Petition


Juliana with her parents, Jesus and Patricia

Juliana with her parents, Jesus and Patricia

Everything South City shared this request with our Facebook friends and asked them to post on our page after they signed the petition and we would do a random drawing at the beginning of the year and gift the winner with a $25 Starbucks gift card. We thank everyone who participated and would like to make special mention of those listed below and a shout of congratulations to SHARON ALBERA on winning the gift card.

Tess Fratus-Ordonez done! signature number 1,164
Xiomara Mirella DONE!!! NUMBER 1,199
Sharon Albera Done. # 1204
Erika Lopez Signed
Juan Bustos Done
Michelle Cantero Munoz # 174
Nicole McCurdy Schirmer Signed earlier today!!!! #60
Denise Lucia Premenko Signed and posted on FB. #92
Michelle Milam-Alexis I did #3
Maria Mabutas #140
Liz Lo #70
Courtney Tetreault Mine was #45

You can follow the daily blog Juliana’s parents keep in her memory which continues to bring awareness to this horrific disease at Juliana’s Journey or join up with them on their Facebook page.

Text of the petition

We petition the obama administration to: Fina a cure for a little known childhood cancer that is killing kids. We need a cure for Neuroblastoma NOW!

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a tumor of nerve tissue that develops in infants & children and can occur in many areas of the body. It develops from the tissues that form the sympathetic nervous system (which controls body functions, such as heart rate & blood pressure, digestion and levels of certain hormones). It most commonly begins in the abdomen in the tissues of the adrenal gland, but it may also occur in other areas. It can spread to the lymph nodes, liver, bones & bone marrow.

Annually In the US, 650 children are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma

It is the most common tumor found in children younger than 1 year of age.

Every 16 hrs a child with Neuroblastoma dies.

Only $150,000 government funding goes towards Neuroblastoma research

Click HERE to sign the petition and thank you for sharing with others.

Juliana with her Grandmother Toni Ann, a long time waitress at The Garden Club

Juliana with her Grandmother Toni Ann, a long time waitress at The Garden Club


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Angelique Presidente
Angelique Presidente
10 years ago

There are so many silly posts on FB that gain hundreds of thousands of likes and/or shares, for this petition to only be at 1,776 is frustrating! Our government funds millions towards cancer and just 4% goes towards Pediatric Cancer as a whole! Just about $150,000 of that goes towards Neuroblastoma. This deadly cancer is killing our kids!

Check out this video AFTER you SIGN & SHARE Juliana’s petition. Thank you