Residential Care Facilities; How do they impact property value?

Pictured here is one of our nicer facilities, Bougainvilleas Care Home, which is located on Alta Vista

Pictured here is one of our nicer facilities, Bougainvilleas Care Home, which is located on Alta Vista

Stanley Williams poses some good questions regarding residential care homes in our city.

‘How do residential care home impact our neighborhoods. Do they bring the value down? are they legal? are they regulated in any way? The house next to mine is for sale. He is marketing the house to mostly Filipinos and has a sign in the window that says would make a great care home. Can anyone offer some insight for me please?’

Here is a link to California State Laws regulating Residential Care Homes.
Many replies came in including the following on our ESC FB page:

  • Steve Carey Maybe we can compare the value of caring for the elderly with the value of medical marijuana clinics?
    Steve Carey Let me commend the people who care for the elderly at this important time in life. I say this for my neighbors on Alta Vista, as well as the others who do this nobel work around our city.
    Stanley Williams i never said that we shouldn’t care for the elderly. Obviously we should care for them. but take a ride up oakmont drive in San Bruno and alot of those run down houses have 8 elderly people being cared for in a 3 bedroom house with an ilegal addon. is it safe is it clean and regulated and are the codes kept up? are the people that are doing the care work here legally?
    Steve Carey I am sorry, but I did not see your original post. I do not know what you said about caring for the elderly.
    Stanley Williams ESC reposted everything that was in my last post. i am simply asking about having a care home in the neighborhood and if they are safe and good for the area. the safety aspect has nothing to do with me but the residents. I mean just like i wouldnt want an illegal grow house next to mine i am not sure i would like an illegal care home next to mine.
    Steve Carey Point understood. If you look at the picture to the left, you can see that this facility appears to be well run. It is a better alternative for elderly care than a residential hotel in the tenderloin. I have helped out in homes like this and it is a joy to bring a little happiness to people who richly deserve it.
    Everything South City Txs Steve Carey – ESC added the picture, Stanley Williams question had been within the quotes only. Not all of the care facilities in South City are as nice as the Bougainvilleas Care Home, and their location is great yet this wasn’t part of Stanley’s question – to clarify that. -ESC
    Steve Carey ESC – Yes, I understand your post. I agree that Stanley Williams raises some very good questions. I also agree that it is well within his rights to raise questions about the things that happen in his neighborhood. I probably could also cede that the argument regarding this type of business in a residential area is perhaps a zoning question.
    All that being said, I must weigh that aspect against my belief that the government should not be trying to define what is, or is not a residential situation. The residential home provides assisted living for elderly people in need. The location, in most cases is one that is familiar to these residents.
    These homes provide a dignified answer to very difficult problems that in most cases have no other reasonable solutions. I have yet to see any trappings such as signs that identify these homes in any way that detracts from the neighborhood esthetic. In most cases, they are well maintained and good neighbors.
    Steve Carey One other note: I posted my reponse to the ESC question, and not so much the remarks of Stanley. I share the values of ESC in welcoming all opinions in the forum.
    Everything South City Thanks Steve Carey, your input is always appreciated.
  • Mari Mari I also wondered what this house and what exactly or just what type of business runs there? Good to know!
    Anita Porpoise i live on a street that is two blocks long. Each had a care home. One was not licensed and within 6 mos vacated. The other is licensed and well kept. The residents are quiet and visitors are not a problem. In SSF, there are probably one of these homes per three blocks. I cannot see a problem with these homes. I think it is a win-win for everyone.
    Chris Riessen What makes it marketed specifically towards philipinos?
  • Stanley Williams Well the agent works with the filipino community there was a sign in the wondow that has been taken down that i am pretty sure said we speak tagalog. and every person that i have seen lok at the house so far has been filipino with the exception of one family. and the same agent has been dealing with the house over the last few years and every one who has lived in it has been filipino for the last 5 years
    Ken Ibarra Licensed care homes with no more than 6 patients are basically allowed in all residential areas and without special zoning approvals. Regarding homes for sale, I would recommend checking permit approvals, since many care homes have been modified to provide more bedrooms (usually small) and bathrooms. I have seen some garages converted in order to house staff.
    Brian Cassidy What’s the asking price lol
    Stanley Williams 499,000 i think
  • Stephanie Miller We have several in the Buri area. Some for the elderly, one for mentally challenged and the other for disabled children. All homes are well taken care of with new paint and landscaped. It hasn’t brought our property values down at all.
    Dee BayArea-Realtor Molina From a Realtor point of view> Residential Home care does not bring the value down unless it is not maintained and manages the traffic and cars parked in the area. If resold the property will be evaluated in the present condition, just like any other home in the current market. Is it legal? Some homes need to possess permits from the city or county. Not because there are multiple people in the home, but its “use” Anyone can sublet rooms or beds, as long as it is allowed in the CC&R’s. However, the neighbors perceive that it will. Will it bring down the value of its neighboring property? It shouldn’t, but it may reduce the number of buyers… as some with children may be worried about noise with the elderly nearby. But there are laws… some people are just overly concerned about any change in any instance. It is natural.
    Karen Johanson My father was in a care home in Westborough. The only “obvious” difference from outside the house was that there were railing and a wheelchair ramp in front (even though it was a ranch style home). The facility was always clean inside and out. It is such a wonderful alternative to a nursing home if that level of care isn’t needed.
    Rose Chang Chiu I think there are several within the proximity of our other home on Dublin/Tipperary based just on the ramps. We bought this one as a foreclosure, and it was possibly an illegal home. They made the dining room and other rooms into separate locked bedrooms; one had a lock on the outside. The realtor didn’t know if it was really a business, so I’m guessing it might not be legal. It was not in good repair, so we had to remodel the entire inside. Good to know that there are nice ones around. Both my parents stayed some time in a SNF (my mom passed away there), and that’s not a nice place to be in
    Stanley Williams I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their responses. It really brought some serious insight my way which is exactly what i asked for. So thanks again and Thank you for supporting this page and helping to make it the great page it is, and i am sure ESC would

    Everything South City Thanks Stanley Williams for bringing interesting topics here for us to think about. Good stuff. {ksw}
    Steve Carey The issue that Ken Ibarra touches on is subtle but an important part of the discussion. The resident care homes in most cases require modification to be functional. For example doors will be widened to 36 inches to facilitate wheelchair access. Bathrooms are significantly modified to meet bathing needs for the disabled. These modifications are not too worrisome. However, I have seen one room divided into two very small rooms and modification of garage space too. These are a concerns that should involve the city planning department.


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