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PD report Jan 1.25.2013 Suspious CirmWho’s knocking on your door? PD reports 2 white males in their 20’s (or one may have been Hispanic) were hitting the 300 block of Arbor on Thur between 3:30-5:30 saying they worked for an alarm company and trying to gain access to people’s homes. The alarm company they said they worked for said they did not have workers in the area. The guys were wearing yellow & silver reflective vests.
Please if you see these guys, or similar questionable people in your neighborhood, contact PD to be sure they are legit and so PD can keep records.
In another situation, a home off of Hillside Blvd was broken into this past week and the suspects out of Richmond were apprehended due in part to the actions taken by a neighbor reporting a suspicious vehicle in the area. Neighbors need to watch out for each other & ESC salutes those that help keep us safe.
If happening in real time call 911. If you have info after the fact you can always contact the anonymous tip line at 952-2244.

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Immediate comments shared on ESC FB page included:

  • Marie De Leon They were in Mayfair village last night
  • Karen Romano They were in Sunshine Gardens last Tuesday
  • Jamie Nazzal i saw cops on arbor a couple of days ago. no wonder
  • Randy Quok I saw these guys in the Buri-Buri area. Arbor Drive is near where I live.
  • Matthew Zamora Disguisitng that people think they will be successful invading people’s personal space like these clowns.
    Monica Chicas They came to our home as well Mayfair village on Thursday .
  • Brandi Magner Yep Mayfair last night
    • Angelique Presidente Yes!! One came to my door and said the worked for GE alarm they had a reflective vest on and a piece of paper in their vests that had the SSF City symbol folded inside. They talked about how there alarm was wireless and could be used on an iPhone and that most other alarms were hooked to the phone and thus deemed useless in an event the phone is down or the wires have been cut
      Stephanie Hoff Wilcox A guy came to our door last week, wearing a reflective vest and said he worked for GE Alarm. We told him we have ADT and my husband closed the door on him and called SB Police. They should join forces!
      Angelica Baldovinos There are people selling magazines I the san Mateo area. They look very suspicious….found that out after I talked to one of them and he was looking inside my home. Commenting how my home is nice and that it looked like i made bread…we all know what that means. Not good looked like as if he wanted to see how easy it was to break in or if we has anything good. Ha! Be careful. They go by Urban Development Solutions Inc.


1.24.2013 3:5pm Surveillance  Camera from Mayfair Village

1.24.2013 3:5pm Surveillance Camera from Mayfair Village

UPDATE: This photo was sent to Everything South City by a neighbor in Mayfair Village taken of a door to door solicitor on 1.24.2013 at 3:51pm via their security camera. It may or may NOT be the person SSFPD has advised yet ESC is sharing this photo should others recognize this person.

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  1. Joanne Bartolotti
    January 27, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Be careful when it comes to city symbols — they are VERY easy to search and print online! ALWAYS check!!!

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