The Moon Meets Jupiter

Moon Meets Jupiter

Moon Meets Jupiter

Our South City photographer Roger Cain told our readers this past Monday (January 21) ‘Get outside and take a look at the moon right now. You will see the moon and a bright “star” next to it. That “star” is Jupiter.  It is hard to shoot Jupiter next to the moon any closer to view as a large lens will leave them farther apart in the picture, thus it looks more like a spot in the picture. For more info:”

Our Facebook page had over 100 people liking this picture with these comments shared:
Marco A. Durazo Great update. I often look up at the sky and stars as I walk my dog and wonder what star is what…this helps. Thanks.
Pam Monozon Riechel How cool, thanks!
Nick Delorio I wad a bit curious earlier when I seen it. figured it was probably a planet
Charlene Larson Great shot! I’m going to share thanks.
Karen Landi Cool! Tx
Missy Wendt Awesome thanks for sharing
Shana Madeline Sooooo cool!
Jamie Lynn So the ring is??
Joni Knight Sheasby The ring is ice crystals?
Roger Cain clarifies: the ring is usually caused by some type of cloud or moisture in our air, not the moons.
Jamie Lynn Crazy glad tiger said something
Marco A. Durazo Thanks, Roger!
The Moon & Jupiter by TIM HOPPIS

The Moon & Jupiter by TIM HOPPIS

We also had additional photos shared by professional and amateur photographers, including Nick Rose and Tim Hoppis.  Nick Rose shares, “This was with my Canon 1D Mark III and the canon 400mm. If I used my telescope I would not have been able to get them together.”
Nick Rose Photography

Nick Rose Photography

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