Employment; Any takers to Texas?

Rick Perry Photo ABC7 News

Rick Perry
Photo ABC7 News

The last generation of South City folks enjoyed good paying local jobs in the manufacturing industry which no longer exists as it once did. It was encouraging to see State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin announcement of his work to draft ‘legislation that will exempt California’s remaining manufacturers from sales tax on equipment used for manufacturing. The intent of the bill is to put California businesses on equal footing with other states.’
Will California, and more specifically, the Bay Area and SSF, be able to complete with offers made by Texas to move companies to that state?
Anyone packing up for Texas?

ESC received many good comments from our initial post on our Facebook page:

*Tim Dinsmore: A Paycheck is very Important. Quality of Life and Living somewhere you feel comfortable is imperative. I find it hard to see very many people from our area moving to Texas. Humidity, Heat, Attitude, and general environment in Texas is stifling in every way. Sorry Texas; Texans probably come here and think we are crazy to stay?!

*Ben Cheah: I hope companies take up Perry on his offer. It’s the only way California is going to realize that they can’t keep screwing business and expect to sustain a healthy economy. I grew up in Daly City, went to school in South City and would move to Texas in a heartbeat. If you think I’m the only one, check one way Uhaul rental rates. CA to TX is double the price of the reverse trip, and there’s only so many ways to explain that.

*Loretta Klinker: I moved to the south from CA…. You don’t want to move there. Be ready for red neck racism, they are hospitable now but if you can handle the heat the lack of wages the republican against liberal thinking no UNIONS. YOU GIVE IT A TRY. This Ca girl wants to come back home.

*Bobbi Damonte: In CA you can drive to Tahoe for Summer fun or winter fun, drive to the valley for hot weather, festivals, outdoor restaurants, drive South to Carmel Valley for exciting adventures, or further South ie., Disneyl, and we LOVE everyone! We don’t judge people or throw people in jail for 50 yrs for an offense they never committed! CALIFORNIA is the Best! So Governor Perry, Enjoy your VISIT!!

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