Pet Club to stay in South City

Pet Club is a family owned Bay Area business

Pet Club is a family owned Bay Area business

Although no opening date was given, we were delighted to hear Pet Club will be moving into the old Ron Price building at 1 Chestnut Boulevard after closing up in the Westborough Shopping Center.  “We are looking at sometime in the spring, although an exact date hasn’t been disclosed as of yet.” the sales associate from Pet Club told us.  “But we are all excited to make this move.” Pet Club is a family owned business with 10 locations in the Bay Area. They offers great prices on their products as well as vaccinations and other services. Pet Club has been a center of our community for decades and we are glad they are staying here!

Many of our readers enthusiastically agreed with over 80 liking this status on our original post on our Facebook page.

Below are some of the comments shared by South City Pet Club customers:

Brandi Magner: Yay!

Anita Porpoise: Good, I don’t like my cats driving up to Westborough

Angela Silva: Yay closer to me!

Carol Bassetti: Yay great news!!!

Marisa Dunne: Awesome!

Wendy Kerbs-Keach: Awesome!!! Now I can walk my dog right to the store for his treats!!!

Connie Simotas: So relieved it is staying close by. They have the best prices and nicest people working there

Janet Remolona Blecha: Thanks for the update.

Angelique Presidente: Yay it’s closer

Equality Schwartz: I hope the 100’s of pigeons don’t follow them there! *gross*

Jessica Prieto: That’s awesome!!!

Renee Gomes: Good, a lot closer for me!

Dan Parks: Good location for that store, makes sense

Chauntel Gregor Oseguera: Yay!

Leslie Lynch: Sweet!!! With 7 cats I was panicking having to find somewhere else to go… Not to mention only Pet Club sells the litter we use!!!!!!

Janette Nordman Nieva: Yay and next door is the Westborough Pet Hospital who just moved to Chestnut from Westborough.

Stacy Turpin: So happy it’s staying close by!!

Carol Worswick Mazza: Awesome!!! Even closer to me now. Can’t wait for it.

Mary An Stanley: Great news!!!! Should do very well!!

Sandie Ferrari: Yay! Glad to hear it!!!

Angie Castello: Boo further from us but at least they’ll still remain open

Marco Ramirez: Good to hear… the employees are awesome..

Betty Reyes: Glad to hear, I love that place!

Sharon Albera: Glad to see something in there.

Karen Johanson: Good news!

Ayde Cervantes: Yay that is wonderful

Rose Chang Chiu: Good to see the fan base; one of my friends from high school has been working there for years… maybe decades, so it’s nice to see the positive comments.

Stacey Leets Oborne: That’s great! I was worried they’d leave. So glad to hear it~

Karen McEvoy: Great location and glad to see something going into that space


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8 years ago

I just adopted an adoreable puppy and I was moaning about the costs of food and miscelleaneous needs for him. My sister, who has had cats (her husband has birds),insisted that I go to Pet Club and I am glad I did. My first visit to Pet Club was a pleasant surprise. The store was spacious, clean, well lit and well organized. My biggest surprise was the amazingly low prices. I did my research online and visited other pet stores and I will be a Pet Club customer for as long as I have my baby Jake. Thank you, Sis!

Peggy Deras
Peggy Deras
8 years ago

Glad to see SOMETHING moving into that building.
I was just thinking, a day or so ago, that the city seems to be really stuck with a white elephant in that building.
I would have loved to see another Anchor Drug in there.