WORLD SERIES TROPHY TOUR Monday March 11 2-4pm Orange Park

South San Francisco SF Giants World Series Trophy Tour

Psssttt… guess who is coming to visit us Monday, March 11th from 2-4pm?? Go ahead guess – then plan to get there super early because both 2010 & 2012 WORLD SERIES TROPHIES will be leaving the building (Fernekes Recreation Center at  Orange Memorial Park) exactly at 4pm. Who’s in?

Thanks to Monica Pantoja for reminding us there is a charge for professional photo with the trophy. Everything South City researched and shares this additional information:

There is no charge to attend the Trophy Tour viewing. There will be a suggested donation ($2) at each stop to benefit the local Junior Giants League. Fans do have the opportunity to have a professional photo taken with the trophies and can purchase those prints on-site and on-line with starting price at $20.There have been a large number of fans attending each of the trophy viewings. The Giants intend to accommodate as many fans as possible during the viewing time period Fans can take photos of the trophies with their personal cameras up to a designated area while waiting in line. Once fans have reached that designated area, only the professional photographers will be allowed to take a posed photo of you or your group.LINE POLICY
Fans are advised to arrive early as the line will be cut off, if needed, to allow the trophies to leave at the designated end time. A Giants representative will assess and determine a cutoff point in line. A fan who arrives during the designated viewing time is NOT automatically guaranteed a photo with the trophies. Fans are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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