San Mateo County Measure A Funds – How to spend that half cent sales tax

Last November voters were asked to increase sales tax by one half cent for the next ten years through Measure A.  The purpose of these monies is to ensure the continuation of basic county services including fire prevention, child abuse prevention, keeping parks open, among other needed programs. This money would remain within the county and be beyond the reach of the state.

Measure A: “To ensure San Mateo quality of life by retaining critical facilities/services such as: child abuse prevention, 911 dispatch, fire prevention, after-school library reading/homework programs; keeping parks open; maintaining seismically safe hospital/emergency rooms which may include substantial funding to replace Seton Hospital/emergency room for low-income children/seniors/disabled; and other County services, shall San Mateo County levy a half-cent sales tax for ten years, which the State cannot take away, with oversight/independent audits?”

The Measure was hotly debated as unions fought against union breakers across the country and SEIU affiliate funded the YES campaign with $100,000 and Seton Medal Group and its parent group with another $885,868. Measure A passed by 65% vs 34%.

The county office is now asking residents how they would like to see these monies utilized and understand better what priorities should be given. The poll they have created includes ideas listed below and an area where you are allowed to write in your own ideas as well.  Click HERE to reach the San Mateo County Speak Out Poll.

So where would you like to see these monies used? It takes a few minutes to set up the registration to comment or vote on the website, yet it is important that everyone’s voice is heard. What are YOUR priorities? Here are some that have been stated:

*To plant more trees including apple

*Road repairs

*Traffic and code enforcement

*Encourage creativity and add to the culture in San Mateo

*Hwy 1 in Pacifica needs to be fixed!

*Keep SamTrans running – help low income, elderly and disabled

*county priorities

*Funding for Literacy intervention and prevention for K-3

*Make additional contributions to the County Pension Plan

*Spend more money on Outdoor Education

*housing for mentally ill

*Expand all services by cancelling the new jail

*Support full implementation of North Fair Oaks Community Plan

*Subsidized housing for New Teachers teaching in Ravenswood.

*Summer Program Support for families in EPA/NFO

*Improving road in unincorporated areas

*Expanding Bicycle Infrastructure

*Use some of the money to fix infrastructure problems in NFO

*Contribute all the increased taxes to the pension plan.

*Spend it on current debt!

*Use the money to reduce current level County Fees

*Protect Coastal Land

*Renewable energy infrastructure and sustainable development

*Green energy and sustainability initiatives

*Save Seton Medical Center!

*Pedestrian/Cyclist Overpass at Hillsdale

*Public transit – Caltrain improvements, SamTrans improvements.

*Unresolved trauma occurences survey adn referral system

*Aging single adults, particularly aging single males, . . .

*One East Palo Alto SEP

*Mental health services for youth in East Palo Alto

*Supporting Low-Income School Districts

*Jobs for at risk youth. 1EPA SEP program.

*Senior services to remain living at home as long as possible.

*More available affordable housing

*Supporting local libraries, recreational facilities and maintain

*Working to engage youth and typically disenfranchised groups

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