Turning conflict into opportunity in South San Francisco

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In response to the increased crime our city has witnessed the past few years, the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center is collaborating with South San Francisco High School  and Alternatives to Violence Program, (AVP) to host a Conflict Resolution training on two consecutive Saturdays; March 16th and March 23rd.  The training is open to anyone who willingly agrees to participate in both days. The donation of $25- $100 helps the program yet no one will be turned away because they cannot afford to attend. There are scholarships available by contacting Marco at 650/513.0330 and registration must be made by March 9, 2013.

The AVP program was originally started by Quakers in New York as an outreach to youth gangs and teens at risk back in 1975.  The success of this initial program was then launched throughout the state, into the prisons and out into the community giving tools to help people reduce the level of unresolved conflict in their lives, and those around them. The program toady is now international. Each training session will be a bit different and reflective of the group’s collective experiences.  However the basics of each session would include:

*Establishing a base of self-esteem, affirmation, trust and cooperation
*Exploring methods of communication
*Learning about creative ways of resolving conflict

Although the program was first founded by Quakers, AVP builds upon a spiritual base of respect for one’s self and for others.  Realizing conflict is a natural part of life; AVP offers tools to help keep unresolved problems from escalating to violence by dealing with disappointments, irritations and frustrations as they occur.

Click HERE for more information on this program.


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