Abortions on Grand Avenue?

Planned Parenthood is seeking to establish a medical clinic at 435 Grand Avenue

Planned Parenthood is seeking to establish a medical clinic at 435 Grand Avenue

Abortions on Grand Avenue? That is part of the concern being raised by pro-life Catholic groups who are rallying to pressure South San Francisco officials not to allow a Planned Parenthood on Grand Avenue.

Over 100 pro-lifers turned up at the Parking Place Commission at the Thursday, March 21st 6:00 p.m. meeting and were extremely disappointed when the Commission agreed the parking requirements for the 13 spaces was met with adequate parking and utilizing the Miller Avenue parking structure. Catholic pro-lifers have vowed to move forward to block approval of Planned Parenthood moving into our city. Their vow comes from their deep seated belief that abortion is the intentional and direct killing of an innocent human being, and therefore it is a form of homicide. Abortion is the first of the Catholic FIVE NON-NEGOTIATES, followed by Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Homosexual Marriage.

Pro-life groups plan to demonstrate Saturday

Pro-life groups plan to demonstrate Saturday

This downtown location is already zoned for medical businesses and many of these Doctor offices have been part of the 400 block of Grand Avenue for generations. Planned Parenthood has stated the medical offices are not for surgery of any type, rather for general medical health, as are the other medical offices in the area. The proximity of the parking garage fulfills the parking requirements set forth by the city ordinances. The next step for this proposed move would be heard and discussed at an upcoming Planning Commission Meeting, most probably in May. The Catholic pro-life group has gathered more members as they set off on a letter writing campaign to city officials expressing their opinions of what they do not want to see on Grand Avenue, or anywhere else in our city, a Planned Parenthood. The pro-life group will be willing to share more information at their demonstration slated for this Saturday April 20th.

What has puzzled some of those involved in this discussion, is why protest only Planned Parenthood when our local hospitals do surgical abortions, and drug stores sell contraceptives every day. If there is such a concern why isn’t there the same intense outcry with them? It makes no sense for there not to be if what is being said has merit. Local business owners understand what is required to open and establish a business. If the proper steps have been followed and signed off, common understanding is you should be able to proceed

And there are others like Nadine Moreno who bring a bigger perspective to the whole issue of abortion in her blog, User Manual Not Available ‘Random Ramblings of a Mom in Training’. Her post from April of last year titled ‘Abortion Action’ was most compelling.

She writes, “What makes me sad about these situations is that we are in 2012, where birth control is one of the most accessible forms of medication, and yet we have over 6,000,000 women world-wide having abortions, just this year alone. Why, when there are so many ways to prevent a pregnancy, are we having so many cases of unwanted pregnancy??” Moreno takes you through deep discussions and consensus that she found when asking many friends and acquaintances questions on this topic. Her writing is thought provoking and a recommended read. Check here to read her article

There are so many different discussions and all are worthy of being heard. It is important that our South City neighbors are aware of this issue as it has been a controversial situation in other cities. For those who have opinions and want to share with your public officials, see the directory below.

Businesses can be set to move forward because they comply with laws and regulations (in general) and are absorbed and welcomed into our community. Yet we need to remember public input is also necessary for our commissions and councils to serve all of the people they represent.

Planning Commission Meeting

2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month

7:30pm Council Chambers 33 Arroyo Drive

Planning Commission Agendas, minutes, archived videos, and live stream on this link http://www.ssf.net/media/planning.aspx

Planning Commission Members 315 Maple Ave, SSF CA 94083









City Council Members 400 Grand Ave, SSF, CA 94080

Pedro.Gonzalez@ssf.net (Mayor)





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