Care Home on Acacia Robbed Thursday

Police BlotterA fake utility worker ripped off a nurse at the senior care home on the 400 block of Acacia Thursday April 11, 2013 around 3:30pm. South San Francisco Police report the ‘utility worker’  as a white male adult, approximately 50 years old, with black hair and was wearing a black baseball  hat, a dark blue uniform (unknown long/short sleeves), and brown shoes. The “utility worker” had a lanyard around his neck with an unknown type of identification badge.

The suspect had knocked on the front door of the care home and explained to the nurse he needed to speak to her about the overhanging wires in the side yard. The nurse followed the suspect, leaving the front door open for the 5-10 minutes that she was preoccupied with the suspect. When the conversation ended the suspect walked down the street and nurse returned inside the home to see her purse had been moved and $800 missing from it. She did not see any vehicles or accomplices in the area. She did not report any other items missing.

Officer Wong is leading the investigation and if you have any information to share, please contact him at 650/877-8900 or the Criminal Investigations Bureau at 650/877-8910. If you prefer you can always leave a information on the anonymous tip line at 650/952-2244.

Remember to always check the identification of anyone who comes to your door. It is a shame we can not always assume everyone is honest in this day and age.  You are under NO responsibility to allow anyone onto your property. Protecting yourself and your loved ones and your home is your priority. If someone comes onto your property and you have any doubts call 911 immediately. And always keep a look out for your neighbors.

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