El Camino High School Sports Field Improvement Update

ECH Cheerleaders have a lot to cheer about! Go Colts!

ECH Cheerleaders have a lot to cheer about! Go Colts!

Everything South City gives a big thanks to El Camino High School Coach Jake (Eric Jacobson)  as he shares an update on ECH fields from Measure J monies.

Thanks also to the Coach for all he has done to help us get this far!!EL CAMINO FIELD UPDATE: We have a date for our ground breaking for our new Athletic Facility. On Thursday, May 16th at 2:00 on the football field the School District will be holding an official ground breaking for our Athletic Facility. The district also asked if they could start early around the 1st of May, which we are thrilled to death. I called our track coach and asked him if they could practice elsewhere for the final 2 weeks and he said no problem.

I’ll be taking pictures and showing you this Summer how our new facility is taking shape. Some of you will ask the question what will it look like. It will be a synthetic Field for Football & Soccer w/ a Horse Shoe in the middle, and COLTS in one end zone, w/ EL CAMINO in the other.

*We will have an 8 lane all weather track.
*There are area’s for long jump / High Jump / Discus +
*(protective cage) / shot put / Pole Vault.
*We will have a wireless scorebord for Football / Soccer & lacross if we ever start a lacross team.
*Two 35 foot flag poles,
*2 goal post NFL Style Gold ,
*& two game soccer goals,
*with 3 water fountains.
*The Home side will hold 700 fans with a three room press box with access to the roof to film. *There will also be spaces on home side to rent or add more seating.
*The Visitors side will hold stands for 300 people, with space for more seating as well.
*There will be a 10 foot access road around the back of both stands so the home stands will not be right next to the Lawndale road any longer.
*There will also be a 3 foot high fence around the track to keep foot traffic off the Track.We plan on doing some exciting fundraisers later, which you can buy a brick much like out at A T & T park and pay tribute to who ever you see fit along the walkway.The Bell Game will be played at El Camino for the first time in 52 years. We have been on the road for 52 Bell Games, it will be nice to play the Warriors at home every other year. All I can say is, it’s like a dream come true.



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