Pet Club to re-open mid-May at old Ron Price building on Chestnut

The Pet Club in South City will have a grand re-opening in mid May

The Pet Club in South City will have a grand re-opening in mid May

Renovations at the Westborough Shopping Center has displaced some of our communities favorite ‘go to’ stores and, well, the natives are getting restless!

Everything South City continues to get inquiries into the re-opening of PET CLUB and today South City Terri Wong-Samn asked what was happening.

We called the San Mateo PET CLUB and spoke to the manager, Fernando Salas, about the expected grand re-opening, which is to be located in the city owned former Ron Price building on Chestnut (across from Safeway).  Because of changes to the building there have been delays with permits and inspections and everything seems to be coming together for a mid May opening.

In the meanwhile for those South City folks who make the trek to PET CLUB’S San Mateo store will receive $5 as an incentive to help offset the gas cost to make the trip.  This is just another way that our local small business continues to reach out to us, and why they are one of our favorites.  The San Mateo store is located at 1850 South Norfolk St. and can be reached at 650/358.0347

PET CLUB is a family owned business which has 10 locations in the Bay Area. Because they are purchasing for 10 stores they see a discount and pass that onto their customers. Their prices are just as good, if not better, than chain pet stores or mass market retailers.

Plus you get the personal touch of dealing with folks that have grown their business by one puppy and kitty at a time. In addition to great prices and personal service they also invite the company ‘VIP PetCare’ to their facilities once a month to offer all canine and feline vaccinations, microchipping, blood and fecal testing, flea and tick control, ear mite treatment, deworming, and heartworm prevention. These services are provided by a state licensed veterinarian without an examination fee.

Also displaced from the Westborough Shopping Center is our beloved Dr. Grewal and it has been great for our community to know he has already set up his new office on Chestnut, located next to PET CLUB.  Westborough Pet Hospital is now located at 45 Chestnut and retains the same phone # (650) 588-1195 and they are open Monday-Saturday. They continue to offer great care and are accepting new clients and walk ins are also welcomed. When it was learned that Dr. Grewal had to leave the Westborough Shopping Center there was a huge outcry from his loyal customers, both 2 and 4 legged alike. It’s good to have his pet hospital up and running again!

Everything South City will be updating information on the grand re-opening of our PET CLUB so check back here in another week or two for the good news!


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Dianne Nowak
Dianne Nowak
8 years ago

The only thing they don’t have is more of the high end food for dogs. We purchase Pure Vita so we’ve had to shop at Pet Express here in Millbrae

Guy Decker
Guy Decker
8 years ago

I love Pet Club and travel from S.F. to shop. You absolutely have the best prices and in store stock!