How Special Is Your Dog- Game On Winner Announced

GAME ON Winner Announced

South San Francisco May 21, 2013

Blake with his dog Fox

Blake with his dog Fox

Congratulations to Raquel Cordon-Curtis and her son Blake and his pup Fox. They are our new winners on our GAME ON – here is Blake with his pup. Congrats you guys! They have won a PET CLUB gift certificate. A side note, Pet Club has said they hope to re-open by the month’s end at the new location on Chestnut.


A gift card from Pet Club will be presented to Blake and his pup Fox, thanks to Pet Club

Here is Raquel’s story:

‘One day my 10 years old son said ” mama I’d like a dog ” I said pray about it son, ask God if you can have one and describe the kind of dog to him so if he wishes to bless you with one he knows what to give you. My sons prayer, Dear God can I have a dog with a pointy nose, not too big not too small, tan color and with pointy ears…….I heard his prayer ! Folks, I’m not kidding, a couple of weeks later, I go out to my car, and in front of my house as I walk out a kid walks up to me, and says excuse me, would you like a dog ? I said what ? He continues, you see my grandpa will not let me have this dog, I said I have no money to give you for him, he says it’s ok, he hands me me the leash , a small can of dog food and the dog, I stand there with astonishment, as the kid walks away, I look at our new family member, shocked ! Guess what ! He has a pointy nose, tan, not too big not too small, and you guessed it , pointy ears ! As I walk in the door, I said folks , say hi to our new dog ! My son yells out mama ! He is exactly what I asked for ! We all stared at each other in amazement, silent, suddenly the dog gives one loud howl saying something because it was in different pitches as if he was saying something, which we never ever did hear that howl again ever, he howled then came to each one of us to greet us. It was silent for a while as we stared at this little dog with a smile and goose bumps…….. (true story) he is our buddy and a very special dog. Fox’

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