Orange Park Sees New Sculpture

New In The Park – Birds Are Dancing & Fish Are Flying!

South San Francisco City Website May 21, 2013Sculpure Garden Birds Flying South San Francisco

Visitors strolling through the Orange Memorial Park Sculpture Garden will likely encounter the latest whimsical sculpture installations. These enigmatic pieces were obtained through South San Francisco’s Temporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit program.

Located across from the bocce court and standing twelve feet tall, “Flying Fish” is a wind-driven kinetic sculpture. The stainless steel and aluminum fish, seemingly flying, is perched on a bicycle fork that allows it to gyrate in a weather vane mode and bob up and down as if looking for food. This intriguing sculpture is the creation of California artist, Patricia Vader.

Near the tennis courts in the center of the garden, lifting its avian wings and shaking its tail-feather, is a gleeful little bird, dancing the “Electric Slide.” The charming critter, by sculptor, Pokey Park, is one from her “Midnight Stomp” series of sculptures that remind us that we all march, (or slide), to a different drummer.

South San Francisco’s Temporary Outdoor Exhibit program was established in 2003, originally instituted as the Loan Art Program. The continuing vision is to establish an outdoor public art gallery featuring sculpture on exhibit for a predetermined period of time. A benefit for all, this program keeps the garden dynamic. The community enjoys new and distinctive sculpture at minimal expense, and artists have the opportunity to showcase their work in a prestigious venue.

These sculptures will be on loan to the city through 2015. For more information on this exhibit or other cultural art programs in South San Francisco, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (650) 829-3800

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