South City Dog Parks; how safe are they? Owners weigh in

Laurel Moeslein was asking about our dog park on our Facebook Feed so we put the concern out to the community and asked them to discuss it. Any other thoughts to be shared?
I would like to ask my fellow ESCers how they feel about the West Orange Dog Park? It’s physically fine, but we went there last week and thought the dogs were aggressive. A white pit bull grabbed my English bulldog by the neck and we haven’t been back. There were other questionable dogs there that day. We’ve been going to the Commodore Park in San Bruno which is ok. Any South City alternatives? Thanks!”

Dan Parks If it was any other dog would you have an issue with it? Lot of times people mistake a dog that is playing for “aggressive” behavior

Laura Michaelis Never had a problem with the dogs there. I have one fairly timid dog and one outgoing. Both have fun there when they get all the butt sniffing and who’s the boss done

Sarah Panda Glines Half of the time it’s lack of caring on the owner’s part. The last time I went there was a couple with two completely out of control labs. They were jumping on everyone, knocking people and dogs down and continuously knocked over the water bowls making a huge muddy mess. The owners stood and watched and didn’t do anything to discipline.
A time before that an un-neutered male golden retriever was attempting to mount every dog in sight and all his owner had to say was “Dogs will be dogs”.
I don’t blame the dogs I blame the people…

Jessica Massoni It’s a tough one because I feel like some dogs who play are mistaken for aggressive dogs, but there also is some aggressive dogs that go there but I think learning to become social is good for them and they shouldn’t have to be secluded BUT they do need to be put into some training as well and the owner should realize that. I get yelled at all the time to leash or “call” my dog back when were at the beach because people freak out like she’s going to rip their dogs face off first of all she’s a boxer they don’t know how to be mean and second she loves to play and loves to play rough.

Danny Herrera (Take all the negative out of my comment because I don’t want it seen as that) but “the dog” could be running around and want to jump up on people, senior citizen and have them fall over and break their collarbone…aka my grandma. (True story)

Jessica Massoni Not cool a dog should always be trained not to jump on people, my girl “gives hugs” to people she knows but not strangers and her hugs are only 60lbs worth

Jessica Massoni And they are legit hugs lol she doesn’t jump she literally gets up on her back legs and puts her front paws on your chest.

Angie Jurado O’Connor I go to the big park all the time with my 2 Chihuahuas. Occasionally, we’ll run into some overzealous tikes, but I can’t say any of them were aggressive. Dogs should be under control. How did the pit’s owner handle it?

Jessica Massoni Sarah I’ve seen those labs too they are aggressive and constantly knock over the water bowls

Jim Chazer I’ve only been to that dog park a few times and haven’t had any major problems. But I keep a pretty close eye on my dog because she’s getting old and cranky.

Courtney Tetreault My dog is not safe for dog parks so I won’t bring her. But I’ve heard of plenty of negative incidents at Orange Park

Carole Brady-Duport I’ve seen a lot of owners who don’t watch their dogs. I’ve seen some fights and even one fight where the owner just stood there (even though her dogs attacked another dog) and screamed. It’s sad because the dogs are the ones who suffer. Some owners need lessons in dog park etiquette, not all, just some. Sigh.

Maria Jauregui-Lopez I’m over protective about my dog who has a lot of energy and loves to wrestle and chase and is still considered a puppy. In my opinion I’ve noticed that most of the dogs at the park are older who want to either play ball or walk around and sniff. If my dog tries to play with them they will react and it isn’t in a nice way. So until my dog can understand that not every dog wants to run and play we don’t go. If we have a doggy play date we will meet there, otherwise we stay away. Also, I agree that some owners can use “dog training”.

Katie Friedlander Alta Loma middle school allows “us” to bring our dogs to their school yard each day at 4pm for off the leash running around. There are about 5/6 core dogs that go up there each day. They are all friendly and the owners are real good owners. There are times when one little guy gets a little confident and will chase up to a new dog…but other than that..pretty good bunch! My dog is too cranky and old for the bigger dog park and she likes the dogs there…so it works for us

Chris Willis It’s cold of course(SSF), dirty (it is a dog park) and my dog was attacked there by an aggressive Shepard. I’ll bet you guys know the one I’m talking about and who owns it. So I don’t go there anymore.

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter Chris can I ask how old the shepard was? My daughter’s puppy was attacked by a shepard and I would like to know if it is the same dog..thanks

Karen Johanson I only use the little dog section, which has been fine. It is, of course, all about owners . . .not dogs.

Jeannette Yesitsnineletters I go to the small dog side with my Chihuahuas. My oldest got attacked by another dog. The owner was very responsible and paid for the vet visit to get her checked. I stopped going to Commodore because they stopped the small dog / large dog separation. Stern Grove Pine Lake is one of the best around. It just that Orange Park is so close. Wish it had some real grass & shade.

Mark Nagales As a South San Francisco park and recreation commissioner, thank you to everyone for sharing their concerns about our dog park. The Dog Park falls under our jurisdiction. If you have suggestions for keeping our Dog Park safer, please come to our Parks and Recreation Meeting on Thursday, May 23rd at the MSB at 7pm. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter This is the park my daughter’s poor puppy was attacked by a 10month old German Shepard!!!!! My daughter’s dog had to have emergency surgery!!!!!!

JoAnn Willis Sometimes there are some aggressive dogs waiting at the gate for other dogs. Don’t always go there.

Matthew Klein I’ve never had any problems at this park (been going for 2+ years). Lately I’ve noticed a lot of small dogs being brought to the large dog side. You need to be proactive and watch out for your own dog. Never assume the other owner is going to be responsible for their dog. It doesn’t hurt to remind people about dog park etiquette either because often they just need to be educated.

Chris Willis Left you a msg Kim

Muriel Pleasic Peninger they shouldn’t let them at the park if the owners don’t watch them. now we will have to be on the lookout for the people who own the dogs. and don’t control the poor things. REMEMBER IT’S THE OWNERS DUTY. .

Laurel Moeslein Oh wow thanks for all this feedback! Someone messaged me and said a white pit hurt their dog so badly there that the owner had to pay for the dog’s surgery! Maybe it was the same dog- also no condemnation of pit bulls- I love the breed and they’re misunderstood. It was the owner’s fault. I wanted feedback about if this was the norm there or not- I’ve heard at other parks that the SSF park has had some incidents. I will try again with caution. Thanks!

Shelley Diane I went there once and the dogs were running amuck and the owners were talking or on the cell phone. I drive my dog to Fort Funston it’s worth the drive.

Michele Wilson Dear Mark, won’t be able to attend your meeting, however my suggestion is to not allow aggressive and thoughtless humans to our dog parks. Aggressive humans are the creators of aggressive dogs. It is not the puppies fault for their behavior, It is the stupid humans fault for their idiocy and lack thereof raising and caring of a creature that loves their humans unconditionally.

Mark Nagales Michele Wilson – Thank you for your comments and thoughts.

Laurel Moeslein Mark what about an ordinance that dogs must be altered? This one was not.

Carol DeMarlo Please don’t put your small dogs in the big dog side I makes it hard for the big dogs that just want to play Use your brains people

Play and Paws Hi Mark! We look forward to attending the meeting on the 23rd. Thank you for the info!

Skuba Stevee I’ve been thrown out by a lady with a lab that she kept on a leash while inside the big dog area! I have 2 super friendly and mega playful huskies. She claimed they were too aggressive, I haven’t been back since.

Karisa Nicole Little Colma has a dog park and hardly any one goes there! It’s across the street from colma Bart. I take my dog there because I do not like orange parks dog park

Cheryl Herrera I have never had a problem at this dog park But, I know my medium size dog does not like to play rough. if that’s what’s going on I don’t go in.



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