Who is that knocking at your door? Comcast?

South San Francisco May 17, 2013

Everything South City Facebook friend Brian Cassidy posted this question below on our FB page yesterday. Over 3,500 read this same conversation and many ‘Liked’ and/or added their experiences.  We share that conversation here so feel free to add any thoughts you might have as well. Local hook ups by local folks.

Brian Cassidy: I just had a few “Comcast” reps scouring the neighborhood asking about security services etc. they knew our names and showed an iPad with our contact info. I got their business cards and shut me down after they asked if we had security. Anyone else encounter these clowns? They got in their cars and left after I started asking questions about Comcast not usually going door to door. This is in west Winston manor
Everything South City: Bob Petrini asked earlier if anyone thought the guys going door to door a month or so ago might have anything to do with the recent burglaries. Good question – any thoughts?
And remember if you think something is suspicious – you could be right. While you might feel protected your neighbor may not be so fortunate so always contact PD at 911 when in doubt.
Thanks folks for keeping us hooked up and our neighborhoods safe!

Frank Poncherello Comcast; *is* now selling security services and DOES have independent contractors going around selling their services (that’s why I switched from Astound to XFinity). Now, I have no idea if these guys are legit, but it is done.

Everything South City Thanks Frank Poncherello

Eric Beltrame This is a perfect use for this site.

Everything South City We try Eric Beltrame, we try!

Rhoda Dallo-Tapang Had the same type of situation last Mon, some promotion & sign up via their iPad when I told them to leave the literature in my mailbox.. talked about how criminals know how to tamper w/phone lines which is the connection of our security system. He was wearing a fluorescent green vest & representing General Electric.. Guess it’s time to start talking to SSFPD?!?

Everything South City YEP!! When it seems fishy – please do contact PD. It might all be legit but that lil old lady down the street will really appreciate you doing the heavy work and sussing things out!

Donna Allard They were in Brentwood too.

Everything South City Thanks Donna!

Cindy Langley They have been linked to burglaries did you call police? Get license number?

Everything South City NO!! They have NOT been linked to burglaries. That was only a question posed by one of our ESC friends.

Kevin McIntosh Fairfield last week

Ashley Hope My grandmother fell victim to men wearing PG&E uniforms. Luckily she wasn’t hurt but they did trash a room. They were later caught in the Eastbay.

Cheryl Herrera they were in Southwood area a few weeks ago.

Olivia Valenzuela They were in Modesto this week.

JoAnna Pánuco I called SSFPD directly to report a suspicious man…and was put on hold for 7mins before I hung up because the guy jumped in a black corolla…is there another number to contact them without being put on hold for so long

Everything South City Did you call 911 or the 877-8900 #? Curious to know.

Cindy Langley 877 8900 and there was an article about this already from the PD ill leave it at that. All suspicious activity should be reported to PD not FB

Everything South City Thanks Cindy Langley we just didn’t want people to panicking  thinking burglars were outside their door posing as Comcast tonight.

Connie Simotas I had them here last weekend but they were with Westinghouse

Everything South City Westinghouse? Thanks Connie – good to know.

Kody Vargas this page is a promo page for the south city police. I bet gang task force runs it. LOL

Everything South City Don’t be taking that betting $$ to the casino’s any time soon!

Kody Vargas If I do it won’t be artichoke Joes

Cindy Langley If you call Comcast they will tell you they don’t go door to door. Happened to my aunt in Brentwood 2 months ago, she called and they told her that.

Mika Sasaki Oh shit ya some lady did that to me last week was all in front of my house with her iPad

JoAnna Pánuco 877-8900…not complaining or trying to report things here, just stating a fact. Had they been responsive I’d be compelled to use them more often, rather than handle it on my own or ignore it.

Everything South City Good to know, thanks JoAnna. PD advises if something is happening in real time to just call 911 – better safe than sorry. Glad you did report this though – thank you for calling and for letting us neighbors know here. Appreciate you looking out.

Brian Cassidy I did call the 8900 number but they were already getting in their cars. And my wife did call Comcast and they said they DO have sales reps going door to door, but didn’t verify these guys specifically.

Jim Chazer Remember, the 877-8900 is the NON-Emergency number.

Ron Johnson Not true. Comcast does go door to door. I live in the east bay now and they came around a few times in the last few months For security and cable/Internet. My wife used to work for Comcast and they do go door to door.

Jesus Pena Comcast does go door to door, and they’ve been doing it for a while because I’ve had friends who held that job and I filled out an application to be a sales person before I got my job at my company now. The person who asked you this question, does he have Comcast already because if he does that’s how they have his information on the iPad.

Brian Cassidy I wouldn’t call 911 unless it’s absolutely necessary. Emergency responders don’t need everyone calling them out every time something is out of place when they have real life emergencies going on.

Leti Gomez B…they do the same in DC.

So what has been your experience neighbors?



1 comment for “Who is that knocking at your door? Comcast?

  1. Bonnie
    May 21, 2013 at 4:10 am

    A Comcast rep came to my house in West Winston Manor this weekend and was professional and courteous. Wore Comcast closing and Xfinity hat; badge and gave me his business card. It’s legit. Got his supervisor’s name, and as a precaution, did a check and he’s on LinkedIn.

    I really appreciate these kind of posts, though.

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