Who’s got the best burrito in town? Everything South City friends shout out

Best Burritos in Town!

South San Francisco, CA May 23, 2013

-this photo is NOT a burrito. if you think it is then a smack  down is in order!

-this photo is NOT a burrito. if you think it is then a smack down is in order!

Well he did it. Jordy Grgich posted on our Facebook wall “Very important debate we must get to the bottom of: who has the best burrito in South City?” As you know we’ve had some very engaging debates over our best sandwhich deli and now it’s the burrito who is up for the test. So where do you find the best burrito in town?

Can you believe over 140 people weighed in with your favorites? One of our best responses included a youtube video highlighting La Tapatia, created by Javi Valencia. Check it out.

However after reading all the replies it seems perhaps La Morena may just be the winner.What do you think?

Ashley Hope El faro!

Laura Orozco La Tapatia for sure!!!!!!!!

Jayne Peterson- Dimas La Tapatia!!!!

Jordy Grgich ¡El Farolito!

Enrique Cruz The Taco Truck the one by Orange Park. lol

Samir Bisteni they use the bathroom and dont wash their hands… be warned…

Cindy Langley La tapatia hands down

Carla Barbetti La Tapatia of course!

Julio Baires Los Metates with the Red Sauce

Ben Ratcliffe La Tapatia!

Lucinda Denning El Farolito

Jd Olson Its a tie El farlito / los metates

Will Gunn La Tapatia

Mary Ellen Greenway LaTapatia…even have a song on YouTube….got a burrito addiction…!!!!

Nancy Ramirez La Morena/ita

Diego Jauregui el farlitio and los metates

Tim Hopkins La Morena

Carlos-LilMuppet Marquez No competition ! La Tapatia

Rachel Bottini Donohoe La Morena – best al pastor

Jordy Grgich Too much La Tapatia love in here. Anybody voting for Farolito or Metates knows their burritos

Kris Peradotto los cuates

Sarah Minsky Celaya!!

Richard Gatmaitan The taco truck parked by the swimming pool at Orange Park. The one closest to Tennis Drive. Hopefully, it is still there because it’s been way too long since I’ve driven down Orange Ave.

Aaron Grgich There’s just something about La Morena. ¡Ay caramba!

Will Gunn taco bell. jk

Maria Prieto La tapatia

Chef Ava Marie el faro, next to walgreens, its delish

Mary Ellen Greenway El Faro number two and open more hours and a side note best nachos in S.S.F. La Morena hands down!

Julio Baires Don’t even joke like dat. Lol I kid I liked their spicy chips burrito from Taco Bell. Maybe just coz it was spicy

Christina Sanchez Hopkins La Morena!

Jonathan Hopkins La Morena, hands down.

Kody Staubitz Taqueria Celaya
608 Linden Ave South San Francisco, CA 94080
Only place in south city I will get any mexican food. But my overall Favorite place for a really well done burrito is
Guerrero’s Taqueria 164 Reina Del Mar Ave, Pacifica, CA

Stacey Turpin La Morena

Danielle Howard Los metates!!

Angelina Anderson Medina El Farolito chile relleno burrito!

Julio Baires La Santaneca Pupusas I mean Metates lol

Monica Vargas Los Metates!

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Nadine Moreno Tapatia HANDS DOWN. Morena’s after that.

Stephanie Jordan El Faro!!

Joel Roman Tapatia

Alicia Halliday Los Metates or Celayas for sure!

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer My house! Lol But I have to vote for La Tapatia

Ileen Chandra La Morena!!

Jorge Alegre El farolito!

Alicia Nicole Olsen Trancas!!

Bruna Correa Araujo i like la torta sabrosa (i think thats the name) on grand

Samuel L. Wong La Tapatia

Patrick Coonrod La Morena, por vida! Lol

Rodney Holgado El Farolito

Charlene Larson La Tapatia!!!!

Steve Carey La Morena on Baden is a good place.

Marizela Avila Los Metates on Lux!

Jackee N Chema La tapatia!

Sheren Y. Ziadeh Los Metates and La Morena!!

Steve Carey La Perla esta bien.

Janae Shreve-Lovotti Every time we take a trip to the Bay Area, we always make sure to get a burrito from La Morena!

Walter Lansberry El Faro

Tanya Benedik La Morena La Morena La Morena!!!

Steve Carey What is the name of the restaurant on Baden that closed recently? It was a few doors up from La Morena.

Carla DeMarco la Tapatia, the best!!!

Vanessa Yvette La Morena !! And …… El farolito

Vanessa Ontiveros EL FARO! Hands down

Veronica Fresquez-Amelio It is most definitely NOT El Faro’s!!!

Jonathan Merino 1. Tapatia is the best!

Adilia Boza Metates.

Jonathan Merino 2. El chaperal

Barbara Leroux I vote for El Faro

Jonathan Merino 3. Celaya where they serve 49er burritos!

Gisella Sehorn Los Cuates enchilada style. Waaaayyy better than La Morena. I’ve been disappointed with La Morena for a while now.

Angelina Esquivias Rantissi la taqueria

Fabian Mercado Taqueria Celaya 49er burrito the best hands down

Jonathan Merino I been to every! I mean every burrito spot in south city and tapatia is the best spot i recomend it to everyone… U havent tried a burrito if u havent been there!

Eve Vuillemainroy La Morena!

Jeanne Corpus-Lutz We just had my daughters 21at birthday at LA MORENA!! Super burrito is awesome with great Service.

William Shon II Metates, Farolito, Morena..in that order for me.

Scott Zupo La tapiatia hands down

Christopher Mezzetta Tapatia is very good, but is there a whole bean option? And they close too early for us city-working folks. Have to go with La Morena – best carnitas in town. Favorite late night spot? Metates is open until ten most nights.

Deacon Joseph LeBlanc Los Cuates in Brentwood neighborhood.

William Shon II Although I have to ding Metates because they stopped serving chile verde. If they’ve brought it back please let me know.

Kevin Coreas La tapatia

German Valencia taco bell haha Nahh Never that Celias Hidden Menu 49er Burrito!!

Evilina Flores La Tapatia is #1 in So. City

Ronald Wong My top three places: 1.) La Tapatia, 2.) La Morena, 3.) El Farlitio!!!

Rachel Grgich El farlitoooooooo

Eve Vuillemainroy Taco Bell Burrito Supreme is the best!

William Shon II Tapatia closes waaaay toooo early.

Patricia Chuson La Morena all day, everyday.

Sharon Albera Los Cuates has a really good Burrito

Alicia Mora-Reyes La tapatia!

Karen Corvasce La morena! Hands down!

Yadira Felix Wtf is up with la morenas guacamole? ? Add way too much green food coloring….

Yadira Felix El faro. ..super asada with No rice!! Bomb!

Karen Corvasce Eeww el FARTO!

El Potosino Taco Truck El Potosíno in Daly city lol…yea boi

Mercedez Lomeli Tapatia!

Roger Jweinat Man you bet your ass im on that taco bell hype lol!!

Moserod OSe Rancho Las Trancas on El Camino.

Hector Ontiveros Que pregunta tan necia – El Faro!!!

Eric Beltrame El faro.

Jaime Marcic La Tapatia!!!

Mary Lee La Morena

Andrew Greenlee El Faro!

Ron Johnson La tapatia or la morena. It been a while since I been to either but they were the 2 best

Carlos-LilMuppet Marquez Ok ok If not la tapatia then Celaya on lindens 49er burrito for damn sure

Alicia Mora-Reyes Taco Bell really??? Lol those aren’t burritos! that’s what we call gringo food! Hahaha

Dalena Jimenez Morena

Janice Hsu Stone La Morena

Angel Rodriguez El farlitos

Penelope Pitstop La Morena.. To say El Faro just leaves me shaking my head.. Shame..

Stephanie Miller Los Metates!

Jenny M. Montañez Farolito and Tapatia!!

Ricardo Duarte El Farolito on Grand …with los Metates on Lux a close second

Anna Isabel Velazquez La Tapatia!!!

Adolfo Rodriguez No contest, El Faro

Johnny Grgich El farolito with la morena In second. la tapatia is dirty.

Johnny Grgich I hope when people say el faro they mean el farolito. El faro is barely a step above Taco Bell.

Ernesto Martinez TAPATIA!!!!!

Deanna Mercurio La Morena!

Eve Vuillemainroy Taco Bell Burrito Supreme. Late night munchies, best burrito out there. Add a tostada or crunchy taco and its the 4th meal. Best tacos would be Jack n the Box – 2 for $1.08!!


Justin Cresci Yeah El Faro is terrible. La Morena is good but I prefer the one in Daly City (along with Taqueria Maria). La Morena is good, haven’t been in years. Tapatia I was never a fan of, even w/o the lettuce. Only El Farolito I’ve been to is the one in the Mission and its really good.

Lou Pantoja Celaya. Best burrito everywhere. Period…

Antonio Esparza TAPATIA!!!!!!!

Riko Ćus EL FAROLITO! Game over!! Tapatia doesn’t do a thing for me, although my wife loves it. Blah.

Amanda Kesner-Hays Los Metates!

Terri Frances La morena.

Betty Reyes La morena & los metates

Oscar L Martin Tapatia hands down. Taco Bell is not Mexican nor is jack in the box

Alexandra Luna When I was in high school I was in love with el faro. Ever since they put the drive through in their food has gone downhill. I go to el faro in the city for a good burrito.

Martina Navarro Los cuates!! Off tops the bomb!

Alejandro Orozco Closing hours aside, as far as taste La Tapatia. El Faro I tried cause all my friends in HS said it was good but Ehhh 6 out of 10 in my book. Having a great Mexican Mom as a cook you know a good Burrito from the first bite.

Efren Chavez Los Cuates

Marsha Wray El Faro

Sthiv Roy Valencia Martinez Celayas 49er Burrito hands down.

Hektor Garcia FAROLITO, cuz La Tapatia is ‘rolling pinner wraps’ these dayz.

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Steve Buhagiar La more a

Steve Buhagiar Auto spell!!! La morena!!!

Colleen Ryan Crespo la morena

Karen McEvoy Los Cuates

Eric Beltrame El faro. Bacon breakfast burrito is the best when hung over….

Sean Crilly La Morena! Best Al Pastor in the history of life!

Emilio Torres I like that spot a block away from columbos on linden for burritos la morena got the bomb ass nachos&quesadilla zuiza tho

Mary Vance La Perla on Lux. I think El Faro is over rated.

Sara Fonda Walter Jumping Bean use to make the best

Paul Manno La Morena

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