Happy Father’s Day

Lessons from DadFathers Day 12 lessons from Dad

South San Francisco, CA June 15, 2013

Thanks to those who helped us fill our list of 12 lessons from Dad.

Joey Jared Chow “If you step on a Lego, you will experience the most horrific pain in your life.” – Papa Chow

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero my 12 lessons my dad taught me were money mangament, not to talk to bad people, but only the good folks, how to grill, butchering the chicken, also he gave me tips about laws of south san francisco including we love horses, but do not bring a horse or neighbors will complain, and a lot more to think of, hes the best i love and he is currently on the bond sight and school board besides the neighborhood assoication he has done a lot, today hes watching golf and making the marinade to get it ready for the grill for dad, im making shrimp vegetable skewers and its delish

Angie Harris-Robinson “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” Good dad advice lol

Valerie Hronis Always stay true to your word. If you commit to do something….Do it.

Jose Chavez Never be someone’s b..ch. In your personal life and at work.

Chendo Rodriguez Dont start a fight…. But NEVER take ANY shit from ANYbody

Phillip Esqueda Head down and keep your eye on the ball!

Danyah Baliu “I don’t want you fighting, but if you have to, you make sure that person will never mess with you again”

Nicole Johnson Don’t spend more then you make. Then you will be fine. Always give a hand when needed. – thanks dad !

Alan Lopez Use the force you must strong is it in you. Papa Lopez 1996

Jacob Carrasquedo Grow up to be a wonderful person

Carla Barbetti You not better than anyone .we are all equal .

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