Lost Dog Westborough Neighborhood UPDATE FOUND

Bud has been missing since Tuesday

South San Francisco, CA June 4, 2013

When you are out this weekend PLEASE spend an extra moment and look out for Bud, missing out of Westborough last Tues around 7:30. The owners have done everything right, he is chipped and they reported him missing to us within a hour of his disappearance. Perhaps someone thought he was a stray and brought him in??? Thanks to Lisa Candelario as she helps reunite him with his family

‘Please HELP find Bud! Bud is lost and his Mom is heartbroken…he was last seen at Westborough Park in South San Francisco on Tuesday Jun 4th around 7:30pm. He is extremely friendly and approachable. He is primarily black and has white on his chest. Bud is 8 months and is both neutered and chipped. Please if anyone has any information contact me so we can get this little guy back home.’

BUD Missing Dog Jun 4 2013


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