Tips to Prevent Vehicle Burglary

South San Francisco, CA June 19, 2013SSF PD Media Release

Due to the proliferation of electronic devices such as GPS units, Ipods, laptop computers and “smart phones”, instances of vehicle burglaries are on the rise nationally. The reasons vehicle burglaries are becoming so common is because people make it far too easy and tempting for a thief to gain access to their vehicles by leaving valuables in plain view.

Thieves can quickly enter vehicles, often sight unseen. Some common methods of entry into a vehicle are:
Smashing out a window commonly known as “SMASH AND GRAB”.
Using a tool to open a door or using a tool to unlock the door through an open window.
No force necessary, door(s) unlocked.
However, most thefts from motor vehicles are preventable. There are just a few things you need to do to prevent them. Once you realize the steps you need to take, we are counting on you to do them on a continual basis.
Close your windows and lock your doors.
Remove all valuables or place them in your trunk.
Remove “pull-out” style or removable car stereo face plates.
Do not leave keys in vehicle.
Do not leave a car running.
If possible, remove mounting hardware out of sight. It could indicate to a thief that a device is inside the vehicle.

Most likely targets for theft:
Any vehicle with a visible GPS unit, radar detector, visible power cord or mount.
Vehicles containing a brief case, purse, gym bag or other valuables left in sight.
Vehicles where a mobile phone is visible.

More Tips:
Mark your valuables with your Driver’s License or Identification Card number.
Use anti-theft devices such as an audible alarm or “The Club”.
Park in well lit areas
Do verify that your vehicle’s windows are rolled up and the doors locked before leaving your vehicle.
Don’t trust your vehicle remote to lock your doors. DOUBLE CHECK.
Don’t park where others cannot see your vehicle, such as behind buildings, shrubbery, landscaping berms, or larger vehicle/trucks.

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