What are your suggestions for handling fence hoppers?

Fence hoppers, what to do?

South San Francisco, CA June 3, 2013SSFHS mascot logo

Everything South City received a request on our Facebook page to ask others in our community what they would do with the following situation. We put it out to our readers and there was a great response. We ask you, what would you suggest?
‘Kids jumping the fence at South City High, any suggestions? We live next to the common path by and the kids are constantly climbing over the locked gate. My concern is two-fold. One, after the kids jump over they can (I have seen them) fall and cause injury to themselves (it’s a bad accident waiting to happen). Also I have 2 dogs (one very big) that get agitated every time they hop the fence. Any thoughts on who I can report this to?’

Marilyn Benham As a resident of SSF I have siblings who go to SSF High and Elco, the gates should be unlocked it’s a danger hazard and I strongly agree I’ve seen plenty of kids jumping these fences

Kody Staubitz Contact SSFPD they are locked for a reason

Brandi Magner put up a security camera and notify the PD

Danny Herrera cut a hole in it

Alexandra Luna contact the principal

Cindy Langley The city to put barbwire on the top

Denise Nicole Farrar Leave the gate open. Kids wouldn’t risk themselves getting hurt. It obviously doesn’t stop them from skipping class or trying to get into school. When I attended the school I have seen the gates locked when school wasn’t even in session. If someone catches a kid going through to skip class then it should be reported. That’s when the police will look for them. I think having the gate only leaves some kids to want jump it. If they really wanted to skip class they would do it either way and having the gate only adds an insult to injury. Sadly.

Jeff Mix I used to cut through ssfhs all the time and had to hop the fence. I was on my way to work and caused no trouble. Leave them open problem solved.

Marian Buslett Gear grease at the top of the fence so they do slip and fall, ooopsie

Jenn Haug or ruin their clothes… another deterrent

Kris Peradotto They should leave them unlocked I used to cut through the high school I live in the terrace I used to have to hop the gate to go down the back stairs all the time

Tom Higgs Have you considered electrifying the fence? It works with cattle.

If it’s too expensive to run a current all day then randomly switch it on and off. It’ll be far more entertaining that way, too!

Samuel L. Wong I live on C St and I hope it because I am simply trying to get home…

Jim Chazer It depends on the gate and where it leads. If we’re talking about the gate that leads from the Centennial Trail to the football field, that needs to be locked or some yahoo will find a way to break in and mess up the field.

Evan Klein Just let it go…

Jeff Mix The football field should be locked. I always hopped the one by la-z-boy.

Alexandra Luna Jeff Mix you mean the “pit” ? lol

Jeff Mix Alexandra Luna I definitely meant the “pit”! Hah

John Kevranian My question would be, if someone gets hurt from jumping, who would get sued. If I was you, I would take pictures of the location, fence and the surrounding area and send a certified letter with the pictures and your concerns to the School district Superintendent and the South San Francisco city attorney putting them on notice of the situation. They will find an immediate solution.

Oscar Rostran That fence should stay open it makes it easier from me to get home and to work, and so you won’t have a problem with the fence hopping and dog barking

Karla Telesa Ruiz Why is it not open to begin with? It’s pointless to have it shut

Susan DeMorest The Principal started intentionally leaving the gate locked about 2-3 weeks ago saying that he was trying to prevent vandalism. Not sure how that helps since anyone can walk through the front side. Terrace kids have been having to walk around making many late for school. When we talked to the office, they said they would unlock it but didn’t. School got out last week. I was hoping it would be unlocked for Summer but so far it has stayed locked.

Moserod OSe has there been vandalism or is he preventing something he thinks might occur?

Mike Featherstone Kids will be kids. I hopped fences all the time. As long as they are not damaging anything all is good. Is it into your yard? If it isn’t don’t worry about it. We use to hop the fence at the old Macys warehouse. Bad people……no, we wanted to get to school on time.

Susan DeMorest The fence on the Terrace side is at the top of a concrete staircase. Not the safest place to be jumping fences.

Wendy Sinclair-Smith Gate builders need to consider the people and the flow of foot traffic. Not everybody drivers a car. Gate builders need to walk home more often.

Mike Featherstone Screw safe. Kids climb trees jump off of rope swings,walk on top of monkey bars. Do I need to go on. Do you want them sitting in front of a video game or TV getting fat or perhaps out with a gang? Let them out and explore and have fun. I use to climb around San Bruno Mtn, slide down the letters on sign hill. Should I have had the cops called on me……..F…. NO!!!!!

Julie Mcgrayne Zanartu Call 311. non-emergency and have them give a warning.

Liz Rubalcava why does everyone want to call the cops over kids jumping fences?? cmon let cops do their job and instead of waiting time on kids jumping fences maybe they should be more focus on keeping SC from having shootings and find the responsible for it..

Jose Chavez A dog bite on their collective asses will curb the fence jumping.

Joser MacNcheezy Fence tops that look like this deter me from hopping fences xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Or use razor wire.

Danyah Baliu You never jumped fences when you were a younger? I don’t see a problem here. If they get hurt, that’s on them.

Scott Poggenburg Please see my comment below.

Peter Ergas Kids jumping a fence as a shortcut to school???? Why don’t you stand on your lawn and shake your fist at them.

Savage Skitzo Man some of y’all really got problems. Kids Tryna get through aint nothing bad my girl lives right there and it’s annoying I gotta Walk around when I could walk just straight through. All y’all trippin sayin call the cops put barbwire if the schools gonna get vandalized it’s gonna get vandalized. That got nothin to do with the fence

Scott Poggenburg Thanks to many of you with helpful suggestions. It’s true what some say, that unless you are where I am, it’s not a problem. It’s funny to see that many people think that kids hanging out, smoking marijuana and risking personal injury to themselves and others is no big deal. When you are young, you are either too dumb or disrespectful to care about someone else and or their property. When someone falls and gets hurt badly, don’t forget I warned you. Also..my dog does bite.

Tim Dinsmore Unlock the Gates and turn lights on around where the Kids go. Schools ALL need 24/7 Video on all areas of their Campus. A School that is not in Session seems like a Private Park to Teenagers; they think they are “stealth” and going to hang where nobody will “bother” them. Open the Gates and have Film; let the Kids learn about the results their actions can bring. Good Kids should be able to hang on School Fields if they want. Bad Kids need to be Video’d and Busted for their Crap; being able to hold the few accountable will give the majority more open space.

Rosa Martinez They need to respect SPACE….don’t there fams teach them anything. I’ve taught my kids and now Grandkids to look with their eyes and ask if it’s okay to pick flowers or things especially things that others cherish


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3 years ago

At a home football game I didn’t feel like paying and neither did my friend Wyatt so we decided to jump the fence, well we didn’t see the cops looking for fence jumpers and they walked up to us and said, “we need to talk to you to kids real quick.” We was only in eighth grade at the time. anyway they took us over to there cop car and said we saw you jump the fence, now your not going to be in big trouble but you need to pay a fine. One of the cops got in the car and was on his computer thing and Wyatt lipped, we should run. and I nodded, we ran the cops chased us we lost them and me and Wyatt laugh about it still.