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Pak n Save Update

South San Francisco, CA June 10, 2013

Pak n Save refrigeration units are being updated

Pak n Save refrigeration units are being updated


Anyone know what is up at Pak n Save? We’ve had reports that the place is nearly empty of employees, for hire signs are up, and also this post;
“I was shopping at Pak n Save today. I never heard anything but it sure looked like they are going out of business. All of the frozen food boxes were closed off. Some shopping carts were just standing in the way. Even the center food centers were empty. I often thought that it looked like not enough people in the store. Big store, a lot of floor space to be paid for.”
Thanks for any updates.

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero I love that grocery store is this real ESC? let me know will tell my folks about it, I only go there once a week now I’m going to have my dad consider going to Lucky in san Bruno as our new Pak n Save let us know, thank you!

Vicky Vega maybe they will move to the square, where Walgreens used to be? I hope so. Mi Pak n Save!

Okey Amuzie Its Pak n Save. I was there today doing my recycling.

Ria Higuera They are part of Safeway how can it be going out if business

Sheila Folan Cronin I was there yesterday and I didn’t notice anything amiss. Lots of people shopping and plenty of checkers.

Raising Havoc They freezer r being remolded they won’t have frozen sections open for two days same with dairy they will be still open

Amanda Caballero Worley Not closing just doing maintenance on the freezers.

Victoria Olsen Lau Yes, just work on the freezers. They’ve had signs up for a few days at least. The store definitely needs an overhaul – hope this is the first step.

Michelle Camicia Getting new freezers. Was shopping there yesterday and signs were up stating they were under renovation for 2 days

Adam Hyndman I heard a few years ago it was going to be a “Super Safeway”

Matt Wendt They’re gonna put in another pacific market

Helena Frangieh Mendoza Read the signs people!! They’re NOT going out of business!

Jim Johnson Walmart is not needed or wanted here. They don’t pay the help

Rose Aragon funny how no one reads anymore…. Funny talk about paying attention…..

Julie Bettencourt Cliff oh Christian you didn’t say that! 0:

Scott Lesher If you were there over the weekend, you would have seen a sign that the frozen food section was undergoing maintenance today and tomorrow. Nothing to worry about.

Kim Hawkins-Lerch Thanks Scott! LOL

John Scott Linam I would to see a Walmart on this area

Marsha Wray Walmart wants to build near the old Levitz site.

Nichole Kathleen Palmer F**k Walmart.

William Shon II Makeover? Start with fixing the sign and street light at the entrance which has been out for MANY many years. I wish Fresh and Easy or Whole Foods opened up in Westborough instead of Pacific Super.

Louie Zamboni I heard MARAKAS on grand ave is relocating there

Jeanne Corpus-Lutz Lol where do people hear these things?? Like the other people said they are getting new freezers and refrigeration system.

Linda Dunne-Cresci There’s no meat or anything back there it’s all empty still have a few frozen food items today

Matt Wendt I guess that asking someone who actually works at Pak n Save would be outta the question, huh

Luis Valentino Brunelle I don’t know but every time I go there are a lot of people

Sfkingpin Bayarea Man I’d flip that shyt and make a real business.

Marisa Tamburini Meier Sprouts? That would be ideal. I have one by my house in Dublin. It’s got great cheap produce and health

Everything South City And they are so clean, great choices and excellent prices! You’re lucky!!

Marisa Tamburini Meier Oops. Health and wellness focus

Sheryl Lopez-Farragher There will be a new store Sprouts in Daly City on Gellert. Went to city council meeting for something else and found that out. Also a new Panadera though Sports Authority, Office Depot to be taken out. Sorry, I’m South City girl transplanted to DC.

Everything South City Sheryl Lopez-Farragher AWESOME- thank you for letting us know. Most of us go to San Bruno to Lucky’s, Mollie Stone or Lundari’s. Be nice to have Sprouts nearby too. If you should hear when they open please share. BTW once a South City girl, always a South City girl!

Omar Torres Louie Zamboni wtf

Brian Lee The generators that power all of the refrigeration & freezer units are under maintenance. Thus all of the cooling units being empty. All product will be back in place and stocked back up come Wednesday, June 12th. The Dairy, Juice, & Yogurt section will still be available during the downtime because they run off of a different power source than the rest of the coolers. This means that for today and tomorrow, there will be no Produce, Meat, Chilled Deli/Bakery, Frozen product, or Chilled Alcoholic Beverages available in the store.

Everything South City Thanks Brian Lee.

Samuel L. Wong ^^^^ I would listen to this guy.

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero that’s so cool they’re having a whole foods like store like sprouts, I checked out their site and it looks cool, hope it will open near us

Ming Thor Zombie Apocalypse.

Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia Signs were posted today said that refrigeration units were having maintenance, so meat, cheese, frozen sections were not available. Don’t get excited!

Valerie Castro I spoke with one of the managers I know on Saturday. She told me that all of their refrigeration units were going to be going in for maintenance. They are trying to minimize their down time. That’s all that going on. As for employment signs, they are looking for people to cover employee vacations.

Everything South City Thanks Valerie Castro appreciate the update.

Debi HdzHorny Safeway is hiring and Pak n Save is Safeway that’s why the employment signs are up.

Everything South City Thanks Debi HdzHorny appreciate the update.

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7 years ago

I would also like to see a super Walmart in our area. They have them in Washington and other places and they are great.

Madame A
Madame A
8 years ago

We need a Sprouts with wholesome food, without gluten, nitrates, ammonia, MSG, di-calcium phosphate…. overloaded Corn Starched foods, overloaded sugar, and no Aspertame items. We need a Store that is interested in selling natural ingredients, (not necessaryily organic either) and Healthy!!! Healthy Foods, create less diseases in People and cuts down on Obesity.

Another thing is if you are trying to cut down on your weight…Don’t clean you plate just because their is food on it. If your a Full, Stop eating and cut down on your portions.

For example; If you normal have 4 strips of bacon, cut down to two. If you have two eggs, cut down to one, If you have 3 pancakes…cut down to 1.5. You will drop the weight with ease!!

Excercise at least 3 times a day….Yes, and walking is exercise. 😎

10 years ago

Would love for them to go out of business and a Whole Foods to move in.