Where to go for Chow Mein?

Local hook ups on Chow Mein

South San Francisco, CA June 9, 2013

Carole Wynne has asked “Where can you get delicious chow mein in SSF?” Sally Johnson replied, “I like sky dragon” and Jonell Ramos Medina shared “Right there on Grand Ave I think it’s the green dragon or something like that about two doors up from Starbucks. They also make the best chow fun” Where are your favorite places to get deli chow mein locally? Our Facebook friends shared their best go to places below.

Kevin Rodriguez Panda Express

Yadira Felix Not in SSF but MINGS in San Bruno on San Mateo Ave is BOMB! I’m from SSF and since full moon and palm city both on grand Ave left..Only place that kinda compares is lee’s cafe. All other no good and overpriced.

John Cain Andy’s

Ronald Wong Pacific Market Deli!!!

Sarah Panda Glines I really enjoy Mandarin Garden on El Camino. Service isn’t so great but the food is good.

Mika Sasaki ANDYS !!!! By Chevy’s

Ricardo Duarte Cheung Hing on Grand

Nina Khorozian Sky Dragon in SSF…. Yummy…

Marizela Avila Andy’s

Lily Lim Andy’s owned by my parents!! Dad cooks and mom and aunt are in the front of the house

Rose Chang Chiu I like it there!

Yessenia Flores-Guzman Where Andy’?

Everything South City They are in the Winston Manor center at Hickey & ECR.

Ria Higuera Chef Wangs in Millbrae across from the Millbrae house of pancakes Awesome Chinese food!

Alyssia Alvarez New Golden Wok in South San Francisco by smart and final super good food !!

Danyah Baliu Chinese place by smart and final. Good, cheap food.

Angelique Presidente Yadira, FYI Ming’s was temporarily closed by the Health Dept!

Irenda Yamaris Skydragon!!! Try their lollipop chicken too! Yuuuuummmmmy!

Nina Khorozian Ow ya lollipop chicken…. Double yummmmmyyyyyyy….

Marizela Avila Andy’s located in the same shopping center as Chevy’s. Really good!!!

Valerie Hronis Sky Dragon…Sliced garlic chicken…yummmy

Patrick Coonrod Sky Dragon

Adam Hyndman The best Chinese food is Tams in the Manor shopping center in Pacifica

Adam Hyndman Second place is Sky Dragon for lollipop chicken

Louie Zamboni 7 ELEVEN has good chow mein

Marie BlackOwl Sky Dragon

Elisa Nunez There is a Chinese Restaurant on Spruce I think is HongTao it is full of Chinese and they have a line going outside the door sometimes

Jasmin Sutter Sky Dragon! And I’ll second the sliced garlic chicken, sooo good!

Stephanie Sullivan SKY DRAGON !!

Craig Jaime Andy’s @Hickey, El Camino

Carlos TheDestroyer Solis Have you had creme of sum yung guy?

Angelique Presidente Lmfao Carlos TheDestroyer Solis

Danielle Michelle Cresci Lai lais in Millbrae is the best I’ve had… worth the little extra drive!

Reinalite Akoteu New Golden Wok. Near Smart & Final

Ann M Moe Tams in the Manor Shopping Center in Pacifica. They are open every day except Monday.

Maritza Cabezas New Golden Wok!!The best in Town and reasonable prices

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Any of these places deliver?

Joser MacNcheezy Don’t go to sky dragon!!! Check their yelp photos! THEY HAVE RATS!

Genevieve Katoa Tong Kee in Westborough has many great dishes with fabulous prices!

Julie Marie Martinez I like Chef Wang’s in Millbrae on El Camino and they deliver!

Julie Formosa Sky Dragon all the way!

William Shon II It depends on what you consider good Chow Mein. If you know what it supposed to taste like you will like certain ones at different places, then there is a question of what kind of Chow Mein, regular or Hong Kong style. I ate at Sky Dragon a few months ago for the first time with the girl’s basketball team. As I ate I looked at the people eating there and how pleased they seemed to be while I on the other hand found the food amusing.

William Shon II Some people think Taco Bell or, say La Salsa is the best Mexican food, or The Olive Garden is great Italian food. If you want the best and want authenticity you go where the people of that ethnic group goes. Hung To for example makes an excellent chow fun (with or without bean sprouts) excellent carmelization from hot wok. They also make a good Hong Kong style pan fried noodle Chow Mein as well as a good soy sauce Chow Mein. Tong Kee is pretty decent at it as is Mr. Fong’s. There are actually several solid places in SSF to get authentic stuff on Grand Ave., Panda Express is not one of them….BUT it may be the best for your taste regardless of authenticity.

Gigi Santinelli Santamaria Sky Dragon has the best Chow Mein and Chow Fun

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Mark Thaler
9 years ago

I absolutely love Sky Dragon’s food, but the staff there is so serious are rarely smile. At least they play music now instead of hearing the sound of the lights on the ceiling. Their chow mein is really good. The garlic chicken is out of this world!