A neighbor’s concern over a crated dog

South San Francisco, CA July 28, 2013

Carole Brady-Duport just posted this- any suggestions? Thanks!

So. City neighbors, I need your advice. Having lived in So. City, about 53 years, I know “you” can help. A neighbor has a dog locked in a dog house in the backyard “almost” all the time. I know as I walk by twice a day, every day, and can visually confirm. I have heard the dog “cry”. I want to help…. what should I do? I do not know this neighbor! The door to the house is very hard to get to. ?????

Eileen Compagno Sosaia TURN THEM IN

Debbie Sbragia Call the authorities!!! It’s not right that a dog be locked up in a cage all day like that!! Take a stand!!

Michele Ferrario Burbano Locked in a dog house? Can you see the dog? Does it have food/water? You can always leave a note about your concerns for the dog. You can call the humane society to have the dog checked out to make sure the dog has food and water.

Toni Thanos You need to call Animal Control right now. No ands ifs or buts, you maybe saving this dogs life. Please do not hesitate. (16 people agreed with Toni)

Gina Verna Suttorp call SPCA

Robin Messing Ferguson Is the dog skinny? Does she look sick? by locked in a dog house do you mean that she can’t get outside of the dog house?

Ada Smith Report to animal control and they will investigate keep calling till they do.

Dianne Johnston Nowak Call the humane Society!!:(:(

Paul Grant Call SPCA its not cool

Sally Johnson Animal Control 650-340-7022, call them

Connie Murad Newell Call the Humane Society first thing Monday Morning. Or give me the address and I will call!!! What a JERK!

Jason Glines Call SPCA

Michele Ferrario Burbano unfortunately if the dog is in good body weight is provided shelter food and water there is nothing the SPCA can do. I don’t agree with it for me my animals are a part of my family and not locked outside.

Ray Bartolo Call the Human Society and report ANIMAL CRUELTY. If you need help, let us know.

Kimberly Rogers- Sutter Call the authorities that’s animal abuse

Lynn Shoglow-McMahon I agree with all the above please do something

Adrienne Mary Masini-Mariscal Call the police and the humane society and if you know it’s a specific breed, call the local chapter if that breed’s rescue group!!!

Laura Alban Walsh call animal care and control and report dog abuse.

Everardo Salazar Call SPCA.

Irma Ramos Call SPCA!!!

Mike Sharon Youngberg Maybe mail a card / letter / note offering to walk the dog?

Debbie Fischer Michele is correct and if that’s the case the officers can counsel the owners or offer to take the dog if the family can no longer care for it. It’s worth making the report.

Scott Poggenburg SPCA and the San Mateo Humane Society right away!

Vickie Pfeiffer Call The Peninsula Humane Society. They will investigate and can do it without naming you. Please do it asap. Poor dog!! Thank you for being a caring person.


Aldo Zucconi Call animal control, now, they, I’ll handle the rest

Carol Wagner Kalaveras let authorities investigate to be safe, this day and age, you don’t want to get “locked up” in their house.

Stephanie Miller Take a short video, so when you call the PHS to request a well check, you can forward the video or photo. Make sure the date/time stamp is on.

Jessica Heagney That’s horrible.

Mary An Stanley Call ASAP save the dog please

Carol Turpin Call PHS.

Mark Reglin Is the house on Rockwood with the largely overgrown tree??

Carole Brady-Duport No. Sunshine Gardens

Rich Jolynne I live in sunshine gardens and sometimes when I go away for a couple of hours I need to put my dog in the large cage in the garage. Just because she is still in puppy stage and will eat stuff. But not all day.

Sandra Bortoli-Copado Call Animal Control, you can call SSF police dept also and they will come out and check it out and talk to the owners of the dog. I would’ve called the 3rd time walking around that house. I will not tolerate it…..

Julie Bettencourt Cliff Please call the Humane Society ASAP!!!!!

Carole Brady-Duport Thank you all so much. I will take action!

Sheryl Lopez-Farragher We had the same problem. The lady next door shouted through the window at me that the dog was crated. I was pissed. Dog whining and barking everyday. So I called PHS. They said as long as the dog has food, water and shelter they can not make people exercise their pets. The same happened when I called on the neighbor on the other side of me. The dog was in a cage too small and the dog was neurotic and going round in circles. He had no water or food. And the top no shade. So they came and just advised to put cover on top and put water. That was it. I was pissed. But try anyhow, they my find something they can get them for. I’m in Daly City now. That is where these things occurred. They should have tougher laws and a tests to adopt pets. Good luck my friend.

Julie Bettencourt Cliff …just give us the address, we’ll take care of it

Debbie Leighton Doherty Call animal control.

Laura Marin I don’t get it!!! why would you get a dog if you’re not going to take care of and love him.

Scott Stauffer Leave a note mentioning several doggie daycares and dog walkers in the area. Offer to help in any way you can. Take the higher road and be proactive. Maybe invite them over for a bbq and talk to them about it there. Don’t just let the dog be the first thing you talk about. They will probably get defensive first.

Muriel Pleasic Peninger call the humane society. I had to do this to my neighbor one time and it really distressed me. They came out and put a letter in their mail box. thus it was taken care of.

Renee Gomes Please call S. P.C.A. That’s animal abuse. Poor dog. I have 3 and I treat then like my babies. Animals should not by treated bad!

Anita Porpoise Call the Peninsula Humane Society. So they come and check it out….GOOD. So then when another complaint is lodge, something will be done.

Feliz Dizon Where near sunshine gardens?

Jesseca Carlos Where is it? Ill go! Call the police! If you have a concern for another animal it’s definitely your first instinct to help! Good soul!

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Some people don’t treat their pets like family. They may provide food, water and shelter, but that’s all. Unfortunately that is legal. Very sad, but true. I love my babies and they have it all. Unfortunately, some don’t.

Darlene Kraus Barton Why haven’t u called the humane society? I have done it before they will ck the living conditions and health of the dog..and u need to continue calling every time u see and hear the poor dog until something is done to help him or her ..they shouldn’t disclose the caller..but can’t let it continue..good luck and save the animal..if u feel bad could only imagine how the dog feels

Ortencia Ortiz Pick up the phone & call the SPCA

Wendy Yim-Wong you can report this to Animal Control and they will send someone to check on this house

Amy Goodwin Call the Humane Society/animal control and if they don’t do anything call the police. Someone with authority needs to check on that dog to see if its basic needs are being met. Shelter, food and water,etc. Unfortunately as far as I know it isn’t against the law to not love your pets and to give them affection/attention. It’s very sad but true.

Carmen Camponuevo Call the SPCA NOW!!! I called them on a neighbor over a crying dog and they showed up within an hour, checked on the dog, went in the house, checked the demeanor of the house and if the dog was scared when she walked in and around owner AND reported back to me! Glad everything was ok and I can sleep at night.

Cristina Maria Murillo CAll the spca now thats animal cruelty

Kelly Haynes I will call if you do not feel comfortable doing so. You can PM me. In the least, the owners need some education about how to care for a dog and the PHS can help. If you give me the address and details, I will call for you. It is a kindness to report this.

Connie Chamberlin-Freitas Rescue by calling the SPCA!!

Debi HdzHorny Really call the SPCA.. They don’t care enough to let him/her out!

Laurie Fitzgerald Unsworth Ask them if you can take the dog with you on your walks, it will be good for the dog and for you.

Carole Brady-Duport PHS has been advised.



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