Brentwood Bowl – making a come back in the big leagues

South San Francisco, CA July 18, 2013

Brentwood Bowl built in 1951 will be moving to new digs at 401 Noor Avenue

Brentwood Bowl built in 1951 will be moving to new digs at 401 Noor Avenue

This evening, July 18, 2013 the Planning Commission is expected to vote on the project design for the old Century Theater on 410 Noor Avenue. This is a public hearing. Folks are asked to attend the meeting this evening at 7pm at the MSB (33 Arroyo). Complete a speaker card in the back of the room and turn it into the clerk in the front left side of the room. Your name will be called and you will be allowed 3 minutes to share your ideas, thoughts, concerns.

The property remains owned by Syufy Enterprises which started out as a family owned local business in 1948 in Vallejo. They have since grown and are owners of Century Theaters.

The applicant for the new center is Millard Tong, the current owner of Brentwood Bowl. Tong and his wife Alice are also the owners of Millwood Ranch in Pacifica, 166-acre horse boarding and riding facility. In addition they also own one of the infamous  condos at 320  Esplanade Ave. Pacifica that has been tagged and closed due to the hillside slipping dramatically. Tong, a contractor, is not new controversy, both good and bad,  and has dealt with numerous lawsuits ranging from wrongful termination to un-permitted land changes.  The city of South San Francisco has studied the current plans for the new Brentwood Bowl and recommend moving forward after receiving a YES vote by the planning commission this evening.

Plans for this site include

  • 39-lane bowling alley
  • Billiards/Arcade area
  • ~1,000sf Bar
  • ~3,565sf Restaurant
  • ~1,540sf Office/Retail
  • 40 seat Presentation Room

New floor plans for the old Century Theatre on Noor Avenue as it gets ready to become the new Brentwood BowlThe staff report for this project ends with a recommendation that this plan move forward:

The proposed Commercial Recreation and Bar uses meet the requirements of the El Camino Real Mixed Use (ECRMX) zoning district and comply with the goals and policies of the General Plan, as described above. Based on this, staff recommends that the Planning Commission approve Planning Application P12-0029, including UP12-0002 and TDM12-0001, based on the attached Draft Findings and subject to the attached Draft Conditions of Approval.  Signed Bily Gross, Associate Planner City of South San Francisco.

Brentwood_Bowl coming soonOur original and much loved Brentwood Bowl opened in 1951 and boasted being one of the largest bowling centers in the area with its 16 lanes. However today it is one of the smallest and to continue on they must renovate to keep up with current centers in our general location, namely Classic Lanes, Sea Bowl and Bel Mateo.

While change can be hard as we see one of our iconic business going through changes, it is also a great step forward for our next generation. Everything South City agrees with our city planners that this is indeed a good step and we look forward to a smooth transition.

The restaurant has been a dream for South City local Wayne Despues as he sets about opening this venture with some creative and delicious menu’s on his agenda.

The old Bowl will most likely be demolished although ESC was told the original logo and artwork will be moved to the new location. Due to the recent re-zoning of height limits in various areas of our city, Tong is expected to maximize the land usage with a 10 story high rise mixed use for the old Brentwood Bowl footprint.

More information on this 401 Noor project can be found on the City Website HERE

As we set about to watch a pretty historic change in our little town, we encourage folks to share their memories of all they years of Brentwood Bowl in the original location.


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[…] Talk of demolishing the original bowl and replacing it with a high rise to include residential is no longer considered.  “Due to the expanded noise contour lines that were included in the latest SFO Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan the same building will remain.  It will no longer be considered for residential due to the expanded noise contour lines that were included in the latest SFO Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan.” South San Francisco’s Senior Planner Billy Gross said. (For more on the proposed Noor location plans check HERE) […]

8 years ago

Support 100%.
Traffic problem … ? Can’t be, what else can worse than the cinemas?
Leave them vacant helps?

9 years ago

Dear lord, all I know is there better be a survey done on the impact this will make for all the bad traffic that will now be shoved down residents throats, already our neighborhood streets are over run with people rushing to get in an out of the neighborhood because they are late picking up their kids from school or an environmental survey better be done!!!!

9 years ago
Reply to  suzanne

Seriously, Suzanne? That entire area is surrounded by shopping centers. You’ve got Safeway/CVS, San Bruno Town Center AND Tanforan, Smart & Final, plus Staples right next to the location. You DO remember when that was a busy movie theater, right? Heck, the current Brentwood Bowl is right across from See’s now. Traffic will NOT change from what it is right now. Environmental survey? They’re refurbishing an EXISTING structure. I mean, you DO know where that building is right? The closest school is SSF High. And there are NO churches in that area. Get the facts before you go off on an uninformed rant.

9 years ago

39 Lane bowling alley? How’s that possible? Bowling alleys need a even number of lanes……unless one lane will be installed in the Pro-Shop like the stadium in Reno has.