City Council to vote on downtown homeless/transient issues

South San Francisco, CA July 23, 2013

Issues surrounding the homeless and transient folks in our downtown area has long been a concern- with the merchants, visitors, as well as those who live in the area. Last year the city created a task force to study this problem and to learn possible solutions.  Here is the staff report on this subject as it is presented to the city council.

City council meetings start at 7pm the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at the City Council Chambers 33 Arroyo Drive (MSB) and can be viewed on your local TV channels; Astound CH26  and Comcast CH 27. The meetings are also streamed from the city website.

If you would like to speak at our city council meetings simply arrive a bit early, fill out the ‘speaker card’ in the back of the room, and return it to the clerk in the front left side of the room. When your name is called come forward to the podium, state your name and continue with your comments within the allotted 3 minutes. This is YOUR council meeting and your voice is important to all.

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1 comment for “City Council to vote on downtown homeless/transient issues

  1. Editor
    July 28, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    There were some interesting comments posted on our Facebook page that we share below:

    Rita Hernandez shares: There are many more home less than before, asking for money and stealing from my store I am sure feed up with this one lady set there every weekend and the ssfpd do not go up and down the streets thats why the down town area is so alone……..

    Hugo Gomez says; Downtown South San Francisco is disgraceful, when compared to Millbrae and Burlingame and even San Bruno. Specifically, the area between Starbucks and Downtown Liquors. The bar looks seedy, not at all inviting to the out of town folks that work right over the 101. I give credit to the restaurants sustaining the local economy, such as Ben Tre, Thai Satay, Buon Gusto, Cecilias, Subway and Peet’s. My suggestion: Open up the entry of Grand Central with a plate glass window and serve appetizers. No loitering and enforcement from SSFPD would help as well.

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