K-12 Public Schools See Transgender Students In Same Bathrooms, Sport Teams

South San Francisco, CA July 4, 2013

We put this question out to folks on FB and their reaction was interesting. While most comments on other news boards were conservative, South City residents that weighed in were more inclusive.  How do you feel about this Bill AB1266 which Ca. lawmakers are now sending to the Gov – Yeah or Nay?
This new bill is requiring public schools K-12 to allow transgender students to choose which bathroom they would use. Also sports teams could be chosen based on which gender a student identifies as their own, not based on chromosomes. Bill was (co)authored/introduced by Assembly Members Ammiano & Atkins and Senators Lara & Leno

‘This bill would require that a pupil be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs  and activities, and facilities,including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.’

What others are saying:

Jim Chazer Umm, I vote no.

Mark Thaler If someone is transgender they should be able to use the bathroom which they become. I vote yes and that humans should respect each other as individuals. For transgender people, nothing about them mentally or even spiritually is the gender they were born as and they never have felt that way. But that is just my opinion and I expect no one to agree nor disagree.

Rob Sandoval I vote no. Think it would make certain people uncomfortable.

Mark Thaler Transgendered people have an even more difficult time in life than gays and lesbians and they are beaten and humiliated all the time by people who live their lives in fear because it’s something outside of what they know. Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say about t his anymore.

Laura Michaelis How about let everyone just go all in the same restroom/locker room, no matter the gender. That would make it all equal!

Angie Harris-Robinson I agree with Mark. If you personally know anyone who is transgender, then you know it’s not a choice that’s made. It’s a feeling that’s always been. It’s hard enough as it is for these individuals. We should at least try to help make that transition as easy as possible. There are many closed minded people who would argue this all day and I say to each their own. But I’d vote yes, but that’s just my opinion.

Laura Michaelis (That was sarcasm)

Angelique Presidente I vote YES! Of course they should be given the right to be in a restroom that they identify with and they deserve to be on a team that they identify with. It’s not ok to force someone to feel inferior just because you feel uncomfortable with the way they are. Society needs to stop being so narrow minded and stop trying to judge people based on their normal

Peggy Noonan New curriculum for teachers to explain new potty rules to kindergarteners? That’s how I want my tax dollars spent.

Angelique Presidente Ignorance! U act like it needs to be explained that little Jesse is actually Jessica, the adults have more issues then the kids would and any issues the kids have I can guarantee they’ve learned from their ignorant parents! Segregation to a bathroom or team that they do not identify with is wrong!

Bonnie Zavadil Macaraig Angelique, you nailed it. Kids know and accept Jessie’s and Jessica’s. Unfortunately, we adults teach them to question what they know in their hearts is the right right way to treat and accept those around them.

Matt Wendt Just build the trannies there own bathrooms.

Angelique Presidente Just like how blacks had their own, right?!?! Wow!

Mark Thaler Angie, Angelique and Bonnie thank you all so much. It’s very refreshing that there are more open-minded people out there. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Jannette Alvarado I say yes!!!!!! Let them go in whatever bathroom they feel they belong!!!!!

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