Orange Memorial Park – Looking back from a kids view

South San Francisco, CA July 16, 2013

Anyone have memories to share?  Thanks to Aaron Grgich for the photo. Nearly 500 friends liked this post and it brought about 110 remarks and this photo was shared over 28 times. Seems we all appreciate a good stroll down memory lane. What memories does this bring up for you?

Thanks to Aaron Grgich for the photo share

Thanks to Aaron Grgich for the photo share

Craig Shiraishi That was probably not as tall as i remember it!

Angie Granera I LOVED this park! It was so much fun! Lots of great memories!

Cynthia Arias just talking about this playground last week.. I remember that tunnel we used to have to climb in the middle.

Renee Cortez Omg i loved playing at the park i remember this

Sharon Albera What park is this.

Everything South City Sharon Albera Orange Memorial Park

Erich Alwast KD Banks-Alwast, is this familiar?

Jennette Mae Keleise Remember going here in the dark after swim nights

KD Banks-Alwast Yes! You loved Orange Park!

Darcie Cristina Going down that slide in shorts was NOT fun haha

Jennifer Nerney was there every Wednesday after school from Los Cerritos

John Cain Wow! Serious flashback!

Everything South City OK spoiler alert – this is Orange Memorial Park. Unfair of us to post this w/o the name for those who may not have earlier memories.

Erich Alwast some of us now older kids remember this one

Angelica Flores I loved when the park looked like this.

Jamie McLaughlin Wow I remember this! Havent been back since the whole area changed

Javier Panuco Tunnel smelled like pee!

Aaron Grgich That slide got HOT around summer time.

Rewdee Upindacuttz Yup I use to have lots of fun with my girlfreinds when I was a kid @ the old #OrangePark #Goodtimes #RomanticMemories

KD Banks-Alwast My gramma usednto take my brother and I there to play when we were kids in the 60’s, and i took you there all the time when you were a kid in the 80’s!

Jessica N Edwin Martinez Hahaha sooo old omg

Janina Bright Pulido It’s funny… I still think that play structure is going to be there when I go to Orange Park!

Shannon Allen Fern I fell off the top of the tall slide trying to swing on the poles! Crazy kids!

Stefanie Houghton Ok two things. I grew up playing on this.thing every day. And i live in torrance and they have one thats exactly the same down the street from my house that is still up

Ramon Pintor Puentes Had a couple kisses at the top after parkway walking to Mayfair village

James Stillman IV Great share! This used to be my favorite play area as a kid! Going fast down the twisty slide and the ladder tunnel you had to climb up to get inside that red cage!

Evelyn Zaldana-Martinez I remember going to preschool at Orange Park circa 1982

Liz Castro damnnnnnn, i totally remember this

Jesus Segura Fernando Maldonado u remember this

Nicki Guerrero I’d always play there when my Dad would be playing softball back in the 80’s

Brian Shiraishi Where I learned to face my fear of heights…and static electricity.

Kar Man Ram Omg the metal tube at the playground!

Laura Aguirre Just went for a walk there today and was saying how much better the playground was when we were kids!

Heather Galeotti I miss this I used to love the park

Jason Dutton That was the best “secret” hide out! Lol

Yuliana Martin Gomez Omg we grew up playing here Alma Gomez Magally Gomez Gonzalez Jose Angel Gomez

Stewart McPeak Sharon Albera I remember getting stuck upside down in that darn metal tube. Scared the piss out of me. I remember the soccer games we played there. Swimming in the pool near there also.

Frank Nunez Orange park awesome

Patrick Coonrod Goodtimes growing up in South City, but fu$# that tunnel with the ladder!! I’d be climbing up, halfway, n dumbass kids would fall on me n we’d slam to the bottom!! A few times!! Good thing my bones were like rubber back then, n they re-built it for my daughter!

Penelope Pitstop Is that San Bruno Park?

Elisa Nunez I remember playing there Orange

Maggie Britt I think I got stuck in the tunnel!

Tony Moran I miss this. Got so many memories.

Vannessa Ocampo Rodriguez aw use to playing there

Michael Molina-Zapata I miss this park so much. I remember nagging my Grandpa about taking me to this park consistently. I remember the weather always being beautiful and burning my hands on the tunnel slide. The ice cream truck that was always there….I loved this park.

Jamie Manay OMG I remember that thing. Loved Orange park!!

Adriana Aguilar Awww =,) so many good memories!! The good old days!

Shannon Toliver I remember that place!

Joe Ortiz orange park !!! memories

Lewis Caputa Ok…. Anybody remember that little park above the library on Grand?? Across from All Souls

Jeffrey Garza Isn’t that the old San Bruno park

Kris Sargent I thought that very thing as well at first look>> might have the same slide?? if it isn’t San Bruno??

Matthew Teglia I remember it well.

Christina Barnett Haas The rides just aren’t what they used to be. Tallll Metal twisty slides & straight ones. Tire swings, balance beams, the big ol cement things we could crawl through and much much more

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