Planned Parenthood Update

South San Francisco, CA July 19, 2013

Planned Parenthood protestors continue to meet up on Saturday mornings on the 400 block of Grand Avenue in front of the proposed medical office owned by John Penna. The applicant, Planned Parenthood, has received approval from city commissioners on parking and land use which has been appealed by the group and will come before our city council on August 28 during a public hearing.  The meeting starts at 7pm at the MSB, 33 Arroyo Drive.  For those who would like to speak, be sure to arrive early, fill out a ‘speaker card’ at the back of the council chambers and return it to the clerk in the front left side. When your name is called you can go up to the podium to share your thoughts, opinions, view.  Unless otherwise noted, speakers are allowed 3 minutes at the podium.

The protests have sparked much debate in our city as this video shows HERE. In addition South City resident Kylie Hicks has established an online line petition for those who favor having a Planned Parenthood which can be accessed HERE  and reads:

South San Francisco Planning Commission & City Council
Please support the installment of Planned Parenthood in South San Francisco, CA. The addition of Planned Parenthood to our community will have a positive impact by providing much needed accessible health and educational resources.



Below is more information from those who oppose Planned Parenthood along with contact information:

flyer_help against pp_with hearing date-page-001






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