Potty training your neighbors

South San Francisco, CA July 19, 2013

OK got a problem and need some advice for one of our ESC friends.

How would you get your neighbor to clean up after their dog?

How would you get your neighbor to clean up after their dog?

You see someone walking their dog(s), dog does it’s business and the owner ignores it and keeps walking. Next time you bring it to the owners attention- especially as it is next to the park, owner still ignores it and walks on. And it happens again this time on a neighbors lawn… and yep – owner continues to walk.
Short of training dogs to clean up after themselves – What do you do?

Everything South City friends offered some suggestions, what would you add?

Anita Porpoise What you don’t do is call George Zimmerman.

Chris Willis I figure out where they live and make a deposit at their door.

Michele Ferrario Burbano Clean up the mess, some people are just plain rude and ignorant.

Everything South City Even if it is at the park or on a neighbor’s lawn? How many times before you say ‘no more’? It’s been an ongoing problem in the public area. Thanks!

Michele Ferrario Burbano It happens all the time in front of my salon, there is a dog groomer 2 doors down. We see the dog and ask the owners to clean it up but they don’t. We have talked to the groomer all he say’s is sorry. It has happened at my house as well but if you don’t see who is dong it then how do you stop it? Honestly now a days you never know what could happen if you confront them.

Laura Lee Grimes Bring a bag, and hand it to the guy. Unless he seems aggressive, of course.

Abraham Alvarez Lol anita

Angelique Presidente Tell that mother .F.$&$&&@ to pick up his s

2 comments for “Potty training your neighbors

  1. Peggy Deras
    July 21, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    I ran across some large doo-doo in my fenced in back yard today.
    The size a fairly good sized dog would make
    The odd thing is that it had been mostly covered with scratched on dirt.
    Do raccoons cover their doings?
    If not, I think we have a REALLY BIG CAT in Buri Buri.

    • Editor
      July 22, 2013 at 5:30 am

      Hi Peggy,
      From what we could find coyotes would not generally cover their scat as it is a way for them to mark territory. Raccoons also will not cover their scat rather they use a communal area as a latrine, up against a fence perhaps. We haven’t had any warnings of big cats but you never know…. your area might just be the first one.
      Happy hunting and keep us posted.

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