SFO Plane Crash – First Words Out

South San Francisco, CA July 6, 2013

On Saturday July 6th at 11:43am Everything South City received a message from South City’s Dan Parks, “There is a report right now of a plane crashing while landing at sfo. trying to find the radio scanner frequency. i have san mateo county dispatch on my phone and there is an air craft down. just dont know the size or what not. about to take a ride over there”

We then put this post on our Facebook page

Plane crash SFO upon landing Boeing 777 Stand by for more info. Thanks to Dan Parks for updates.

Below are some of the initial responses as we all worked to understand what happened in our neighboring area:

Isabel Monster Cervantes my friend witnessed it when he was on his plane

Everything South City Isabel Monster Cervantes Please keep us posted if you hear more, OK? Thanks and best to your friend – horrific to witness.

Brian Perry Nothing on radio

Claude Thompson Nothing on any local media

Matt Wendt Did it cause amy traffic jam on 101

Likemedislikeme Idc Oh no

Renee Gomes Lov ya for all the updates.

Sonia Mendoza Omg, I hope there were no casualties!! Please keep us informed.

Andy Hidalgo Blazing on runway

Likemedislikeme Idc nothing on any news channels or on-line

David Valencia I’m here, work at the airport. Supposedly wheels popped during landing and crashed into the ground. It was an Asians cargo only plane.

David Valencia Will post a pic I have.

Everything South City Thanks David Valencia Are you working now? How is everything there?

Everything South City Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines in from Taipei –

Dolores Ruiz Hamilton I see the black smoke from my windows in san bruno

Marie Carelli-Partney I can see smoke rising and there are no planes flying right now.

Alma Ibarra-Ponce Saying prayers for all on board at time of crash.

Sarah Funes thoughts to those injuied!

Dennis DeBono 777 Asiana Airlines

Angie Harris-Robinson cargo only, oh thank God.

David Valencia Asiana* Airlines cargo 777 plane. Not a passenger plane, crew of probably 5 with just cargo. SFO is on a hold for ~2hrs.

Matt Wendt Well o hope the crew is ok

Everything South City VIDEO: http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/07/san-francisco-plane-crash-asiana-flight/

BREAKING: Plane Crash Reported at San Francisco International Airport | HEAVY


A plane has crashed at San Francisco International Airport. The plane was an Asiana flight coming in from Seoul, the model was a Boeing 777,

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Thank God it wasn’t a passenger plane. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Bissell Morgan What???????

Brian Perry Cargo plane wouldn’t be a 777 would it? Will wait a few hours for facts

Everything South City No Brian Perry it was carrying about 290 people, they are asking for master passenger list and they have called hospitals for standby. –

Johnny Wad Goldthwaite They just said on news that it was a passenger plane. Asiana

Johnny Wad Goldthwaite 290 passengers plus crew.

Everything South City Thanks – they are asking for master passenger list now.

Coni Lyerly Praying for all on board the plane that just crashed at SFO airport…

Raleigh Gonzales according to CNN flight 214 is a passenger plane

Rene Lemire so much for the know it all at the airport telling us it was a cargo plane. I hate when people don’t know s*** and then act like they know everything..

Everything South City Rene Lemire Sometimes in an emergency like this it takes a bit of time to get correct info, even if you work out there. Thanks.

David Valencia Yea my mistake too much confusion at work. It is true 777 is usually a

Tweeted by David Eun

Tweeted by David Eun

Marwan Salfiti https://path.com/p/1lwrZb

Shared a tweet from David Eun, passenger on board this flight:

Ana Mendoza It was a passenger plane with presumably 400 passengers..

Ana Mendoza It looks like the tail came off before it landed and the plane flipped over.. Praying there are survivors..

Sonia Mendoza Praying for all that were on that plane!

Ana Mendoza They are saying there are survivors but no count yet..

David Valencia Thanks for the vote of confidence Rene. I’m only relaying what I’ve been

Everything South City Hey David Valencia no worries, thank you so much for keeping us up to date with what you hear/see up close. It is appreciated. – ESC

Raleigh Gonzales are they sending people home Dave?

Kay Belongia Praying for those involved

David Valencia Nope. For now only late grave in mandoed for 2hrs. But everything is all on hold.

Johnny Wad Goldthwaite Early reports that the plane landed too perpendicular and tail hit runway causing plane to tumble…this is speculation only but this plane is split apart for sure.

Jeannette Valencia We saw the smoke when it just happened

Chauntel Gregor Oseguera We are stuck on freeway. It is so surreal, so many emergency vehicles.

David Valencia Yea I’m working now. Everything is all on hold for now. They deboarded the plane and passengers are passing through customs as it was an international inbound.

Carla Barbetti David Valencia were there fatalities?

Carla Barbetti Im believe the news is reporting wrong , eye witness is reporting only 10-15 people with injuries and no fatalities

Carla Barbetti Channel 2 was reporting without knowing terrible!!!

Everything South City: Initial reports are not always accurate because more information continues to come in.

David Valencia We can only pray because the damage to the plane is pretty bad.

Dan Anchick Thanks ESC for informing me initially about this. I didn’t know what was going on.
Then I used my brain and took bits of information from other sources and people to understand what’s happening.

Johnny Wad Goldthwaite 2 confirmed dead, 61 injured per San Francisco Fire Depaerment. 13 injured to SF hospitals, 48 injured to San Mateo County hospitals

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