SSFPD Media Blotter Updated After 2 Week Absence

South San Francisco, CA July 21, 2013Police Blotter

Welcome back – or just a thank you for catching up- to our SSFPD on the community alert updates. Been missing for 2 wks and it makes it tough to ‘have a relationship between public and PD’ if we don’t get timely updates.
So….. what have we missed in the ‘police blotters’ since July 4th?

Here are a few items from the past few weeks taken from the medial bulletin on the link below:

Vehicle Stolen 130717111
Occurred on Chapman Av, Ssf. Last seen yesterday parked ifo resd – this is a rental car, rp’s has keys
Disposition: Cancelled.

Citizen Assist Narcotics 130717162
Occurred on Rockwood Dr, Ssf. Service Class: RESD –*** ck a 10-51 subj ??? or on drugs ?? I saw a guy walking dwn the street he fell got up he wlked way ..
dot: on rockwood twrds ecr decrp: wma, 40yrs, cloth: red sweats, red hat. . Disposition: Cover U

Alarm 130717262 Occurred at Bank Of America on El Camino Real Hy. ,
Ssf. Aud multiple activations – atm service room – front entry and lobby all activated – inside bank of american sec 800 222 7511.
. Disposition: False Alarm

Threat Case 130711034 Occurred on Rockwood Dr, Ssf. Rp says that her
husband just went out to their vehicle and saw a note on it saying “mind your own busines bitch” – didn’ t see who did this but believes it’s a neighbor up the
street/would like it documented
Disposition: Report Taken.

Suspicious Vehicle 130711061
Occurred at Us Bank on Grand Av. , Ssf. Whi van has been parked in the lot for past 30-45mins – occupied by male and female in front seat
Disposition: Field Interview from Incident

Suspicious Circumstances 130709024 Occurred on Bayview Dr, Ssf. Possible 459 — rp thinks that someone is in his backyard and possibly inside the house – unknown how they got inside
Disposition: Abated/Advise

SPCA Case 130709055 Occurred at Westborough Park on Westborough Bl. , Ssf. Coyote seen in the park
Disposition: Checks Ok

Muni Code Violation 130709069 Occurred on Larch Av, Ssf. PEOPLE PLACING FLYERS AT ON DRIVEWAYS AND THEY ARE
Disposition: Abated/Advised.

Dist Fight 130705013 Occurred at Caltrain Station on Dubuque Av. , Ssf. TWO SUBJS IN A PHYSICAL FIGHT ON THE PLATFORM CLOSEST TO LO WES, NO WEAPONS SEEN
Disposition: Abated/Advise

Dist Others 130705039 Occurred on Arlington Dr, Ssf. 6 subj outisdes pending physical – unk if its a dv – whi van driving away dot away from ecr on arlington
Disposition: Cover Un

Dist Others 130705274
Occurred at Marina Bl/Oyster Point Bl, Ssf. GRY HONDA FOLLOWING RP AFTER ROAD RAGE Disposition: Assisted.


We all 'profile'. Have you ever made a wrong assumption?

We all ‘profile’. Have you ever made a wrong assumption?

This brings us to another topic.

We all ‘profile’ whether we want to call it that or not. We size up a situation and the people involved and make our decisions based on what we see, while using past experiences as our guide.
Which leads us to this discussion – how do you know when something is amiss or if it is ok – have you ever made an assumption only to find out it was wrong?

What would you do in this situation (taken from PD files, and we agree when in doubt call 911!)
8 male subjs (look like gang members) wearing red/whi/blk clothing loitering and blocking ……property rp’s property, rp doesn’t feel safe.

This is only a curious question seeking a respectful discussion.

1 comment for “SSFPD Media Blotter Updated After 2 Week Absence

  1. Cynthia Marcopulos
    July 23, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Interesting question. I query how Zimmerman could get a not guilty for profiling Trayvon Martin, and I’m wondering then that we have neighborhood watch signs that tell us to contact the PD if we see suspicious behavior — a good thing that the warning is to call the PD, and not take things into our own hands.

    But, I wonder if our SSF PD didn’t profile 15-year old Derrick Gaines by McDonald’s last year.

    I wonder if our PD is taught to shoot first and ask questions later — very dangerous practice.

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