City Council Votes In Favor Of Planning Commission Decision

South San Francisco, CA August 28, 2013city logo

Tonight our City Council held the  public hearing on the appeal against the decision made by the Planning Commission in favor of Planned Parenthood to open at the proposed location of 435 Grand Avenue.

The appeal against the Planning Commission decision of Planned Parenthood that was brought before City Council this evening has been voted down. Planned Parenthood will be allowed to proceed. 3-2 vote

Brief notes:
Addeigo: Other facilities, as seen on El Camino Real that offer many of the same services to those with insurance. Personal opinions cannot weigh come into play, including his own Catholic beliefs that maybe contrary to this.

Gupta: Decision must ‘run with the land’. Personal opinion irrelevant to matter

Garbarino: He spoke with his own ‘confessor’ he told him he must make his decision based on the laws. He will not stand in judgment of those who use the services of Planned Parenthood. Although he has his own convictions, that this decision must be based on laws.

Matsumoto: Supports the work of Planned Parenthood and welcomes them to South City but not on Grand Avenue. She voted against a vascular facility that was proposed for Grand Avenue in the past. Based on land use and her vision for Grand Avenue she does not support

Gonzalez: Watched the Planning Commission and appreciates everyone who has come out and has spoken. The disruption of businesses by protestors is not what he wants to see on Grand Avenue with public controversy.

In favor of upholding the Planning Commission decision:
Addeigo, Garbarino, Gupta,
In favor of the appeal:

For past information on this issue, along with comments from many, please go to this link HERE

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8 years ago

In Iran the official national religion is Islam. In England the official national religion is the Anglican Church. But those of us who are citizens of the United States of America, and have chosen not to leave America in order to live in a country with an official national religion, have accepted the responsibility of living in the deep spirit of peace and goodwill toward all, regardless of how their neighbors interpret their faith perspectives and practices; Not because we feel like it, but because we are required by our constitutional democracy to do so. Separation of church and state protects us all. I’m saddened by the mean-spiritedness of the comments here so far.

8 years ago

Well S.S.F. I know the good people of your beautiful town were NOT for Planned Parenthood,
that has been quite obvious from the people praying outside the proposed site and the
numbers of people who attended the parking, planning and the appeals meetings!

But to you who favor and whom voted for such an evil place………

A note to you……….

Last Friday a sad occurance happened at the San Mateo Planned Parenthood (and this happens
sadly at many of the abortion mills throughout the country) a woman walked into Planned
Parenthood on her own……..later she was carried out on a stretcher by the EMT’S.

If they are merely doing pap smears and the like, why would you have to be carried out
on a gurney to a local hospital?

Planned Parenthood LIES, BIG TIME……Don’t trust them when they tell you that ‘oh we’re
not going to do surgical abortions’! Their CEO back in New York stated that he wanted ALL
his ‘clinics’ to do surgical abortions…… they might not start with surgical abortions
right away, but you can bet your bottom dollar they are giving out contraceptives which impedes the baby and other abortifacients too will be on their way….like the morning
after pill, etc………..

And for the two so called ‘Catholics’ who voted for Planned Parenthood on the appeal
last week, remember………..we ALL have to answer to God when He calls us home!!!
I pray that you attend Mass, but you really excommunicated yourself from the Church
already with your votes, so PLEASE DO NOT RECEIVE OUR LORD IN HOLY COMMUNION which
would be committing more sacriledge!!!

Holy Father Benedict stated that politicians who are not in ‘communion’ with the Church’s teachings such as on abortion, actually excommunicate themselves. And in Canon Law 915
if they persist in promoting or voting for abortion they can be publically excommunicated,
as they are in many cases SO PUBLIC about their voting record or promoting abortion.

Think about it!!! And the owner of the building, who has been a politician, off and on,
think about it too.

8 years ago