Gas Leak at Lucky’s Causes Evacuation

South San Francisco, CA August 9, 2013

Everything South City was alerted to a evacuation taking place at Lucky’s. Again our local neighbors hooked us up with information. Thanks to Sono Takizawa for this share Friday evening, “I was just at the Lucky‚Äôs on EL Camino Real in San Bruno (on the cusp of SSF and San Bruno) and was evacuated due to a gas leak. SSFFD and Millbrae FD were checking it out.”

Everything South City had checked Firedispatch and found San Bruno Fire Dept had a 51 min call out to 1322 ECR at 6:54:58 PM (51 min) for a Full assignment response which included BC17, E38, E52, E63, PT51

Mary Sullivan-Almada Thanks Sono

Sono Takizawa I was almost done with all my shopping when they made the announcement. Luckily (no pun intended ), they were still ringing people up. As soon as the F.D. got there, there was more urgency in their voices, to leave the premises.

Mary Sullivan-Almada I imagine that was scary not knowing what was going on till safe outside!

Brad Rosinski Forklift struck a furnace, it started hissing and the reporting person stated an odor that smelled like natural gas started to fill the room

Everything South City Thanks Brad Rosinski!

Sono Takizawa I didn’t sense an urgency until the firemen came in. No one was running around (employees included). I passed an employee less than a second before the initial announcement and he didn’t say anything. We actually continued to shop because the announcement sounded like a request for additional checkers, which is normal with the “3’s a crowd” policy. So I didn’t initially realize there was a problem until later. Another passing employee mentioned the leak. There was no repeat announcement until I was already at the checkstand.

Sono Takizawa Thanks Brad…do you work there?

Everything South City Brad Rosinski comes from a long line of firefighters in his family- his grandfather was a captain with SSFFD. Thanks Sono Takizawa for sharing the info!

Linda Dunne-Cresci Sono and everyone else glad you made it out safe

Sono Takizawa Thanks Linda! Me too!

Bernadette Huizar Reade I was there too, and thankfully got to be checked out as well. I would have hated to start shopping all over again when I had to literally drag myself in there in the first place. (I hate grocery shopping), Lol. Plus, I had deleted my list from my phone, so I would have had no idea what I needed. haha I hope everything turned out ok. Does anyone know?

Matela Benpana Sono the hero…

Brad Rosinski I don’t work there but I was listening to my fire scanner at the time and heard the dispatch go out

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