Monte Verde Elementary -Tuesday 5pm meet up for school construction updates

South San Francisco, CA August 12, 2013

Juliana S.shared concerns “Any Monte Verde Elementary parent who would like an opportunity to view the status of construction and judge whether it is safe to attend on Wednesday, please meet at the school tomorrow at 5 p.m. per the contractor’s liaison. Many parents are concerned that the site is not safe at this time given the incomplete construction and unsafe areas, which remain incomplete.”

Margaret De La Cruz responds:  “Hi Juliana, I went to MV today to see for myself and spoke to Ms. Mirt, in addition to writing the superintendent. In my option, the school is not safe. I’m also concerned that the superintendent’s solution for the class rooms that are not ready (mainly 1st and 2nd grade) is to double up classes (i.e. Mrs. Velez’s class will be shared with Mrs. Kelly) totaling 50 kids in one classroom. Per Ms. Mirt, the way they got around this was to have a safety person patrolling around and having two teachers in each class. I find this TOTALLY unacceptable! Plus, the kids are not allowed to use the playground or the cafeteria. There are holes all along the front of the school big enough for small feet to be stuck in (in fact my little one first reaction was to stick her feet in the hole…go figure!) I urged the superintendent to delay school until it is a safe environment, but Ms. Mirt told me it’s not an option. I will gladly show up tomorrow at 5pm to express my concerns. Thanks for coordinating!”

Juliana S. acknowledges  ” I also wrote letters. I spoke with the board and the Larry Scott. Mr. Scott assured me all the holes would be filled, the cafeteria and playgrounds would be open and empty and ready for use on Wednesday. I frankly don’t see how that’s possible. Everyone in a position of power I spoke with said they absolutely will not delay the school year. Please get as many people as you can out to the school tomorrow. If it looks like it has been, I will not send my kids to school. It’s sad that this is what it will come down to but they are not leaving us with any viable options other than getting a temporary restraining order from the Court.”

Margaret De La Cruz replies, ” Mr. Scott is demented! There is no way the playground or cafeteria will be available for use. Ms. Mirt confirmed that today. But she did mention, Mr. Scott continues to promise the project to be finished by Wednesday, again if he was playing with all his marbles, he would realize that’s impossible. I gathered he’s responsible for this project not finishing on time; and not the contractors; which is why he’s in denial. BTW, he refuses to answer any of my phone calls. I think we should call 7 on your side…”

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