Neighbors identify areas of traffic concern

South San Francisco, CA August 4, 2013

South San Francisco police department put out a media release stating Saturday August 3rd there would be more patrols out enforcing traffic laws particularly for motorcyclists. Their attention would also be on all drivers that might put motorcyclists in danger. The focus areas are chosen due to previous motorcycle accidents or known areas of concern. Everything South City asked our facebook readers what areas in town do they believe needs additional police attention and below is the conversation that took place.

What area in town should PD patrol more often for speeding, reckless driving, stop sign/red lite runners, etc?

SSFPD have their prime locations sussed out yet what would be your choice location(s) to help reduce bad driving or bad road design (parking lot entrances, signage needed, etc)

Brian Cassidy How about patrolling for crime and cleaning up the homeless that I’ve been seeing more of?

Julie Bettencourt Cliff none

Michele Ferrario Burbano @ brian cassidy .We had a homeless vet outside of our salon for months. It took me 6 months to get him into the shelter for vets in RWC. He is now living in a low income housing in EPA. The cops need help they can only do so much the community needs to get involved.

Brian Cassidy Fair enough on the homeless… but we’d be better served with them patrolling around neighborhoods making their presence known and ending the day with no arrests rather than sitting on a corner waiting for speeders and writing 30 tickets, imo.

Michele Ferrario Burbano Agreed!! We need more cops on the Peninsula the population is growing and a lot more crimes.

Everything South City Brian Cassidy -this issue of homelessness recently came before our city council after a 1 yr Task Force had been set up to identify problems and potential solutions info HERE and city council minutes can be found HERE (just an fyi bc it is an important issue. Txs!)

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer Hillside near Terra Bay… but I actually think that they are out there right now.

Jessica Greeneyez Hembry Elcamino and spruce

Danielle O’Leary Sainz Hazelwood Drive!

Tim Watson Newman drive

Jim Chazer Hickey at El Camino!! So tired of idiots driving down Hickey in the left lane and then, where the two lanes become four lanes, think they should be in the second lane from the right. DUMB people. Must have been in 50 close calls.

William Berndt Flipping u turns on grand down town.

Anita Porpoise Forest View Dr late at night….after the bars close.

Omar Torres Avalon drive

Victoria Neri-Chin Seems like everyone is in a rush to get to Costco from the 280 Hickey exit to El Camino Real. If you wanna come into our city to shop please don’t run me off the road or tailgate me. I live a block away from Costco but work in SF. Its stressful coming home

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Avalon Drive, Valencia Drive and Ponderosa. Once school starts those moms get out of control. They don’t know what “STOP” on the red sign means. Tag a few and word will get out. They will get the message – I hope.

Angelina Rojas Linden so all the idiots stop doing doughnuts infront of parks and family area where kids play and people walk

JoAnn Willis Shannon Dr. in West. School is starting next week and they race down Shannon to get to Mon. Ver. HELP

Greg Rogers All of the above

Margaret De La Cruz Holly Ave…it’s a speed highway and school is starting…VERY UNSAFE!

Charles Esqueda pd in so city should patrol maple ave 700 block they wiz through there and drive on the wrong side two lane street.

Frisco Daniel Mora WTF

RamonVelia De La Cruz Hillside & Lincoln People never stop we need a ligth

Vinny Vance W. Orange Speedway-er- Avenue…

Owen Molloy How about Cypress or suzzie way Daaa!!

Bambi Flintrock Just proves SSF PD are bullies they dont like motorcycles and are trying to harass everyone that Loves to ride they are so stupid putting all your money in the wrong place !

SSFPD 8.3.2013 MotorcycleSafety_201307311212447008-page-001

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Cynthia Marcopulos
Cynthia Marcopulos
9 years ago

I am a resident of the West Winston Manor neighborhood and have, over the years, broached this subject with a few officers to no avail.

The right turn lane from Junipero Sierra to Hickey going west where Longford Avenue intersects on the cemetery side is a traffic hazard for those of us attempting to leave our development. Cars habitually run through the stop sign sometimes never even slowing down almost hitting those of us attempting to leave our development after we make a legal stop at Longford and Hickey.

On the opposite side of the street, I believe the stop signs are placed in an improper location because cars continually block the intersection so that those on the south side of Hickey on Longford attempting to get into the flow of traffic after making a legal stop on Longford Ave. are prevented from getting into the flow of traffic when the traffic is stopped for those vehicles traveling from Hickey east (towards Costco). Cars sometimes neglect to stop at the first stop light and proceed to block the intersection where it specifically is displayed “do not block”.

The PD states our city will not allow a speed bump to be installed in the right turn only lane at Junipero Serra and Hickey to slow that traffic down, where, indeed, they should be making a full stop, not roll through or blast through at full speed. I do not believe a speed bump will hinder a firetruck, which I was told, from performing its duties since we have speed bumps every few feet, about .7 miles on Country Club. So, that argument does not hold true if speed bumps are allowed in one part of our fair city and not at this most dangerous right turn lane.

Since Daly City was able to generate income from its crackdown with 200 citations,
these are money-generating intersections that could help our city in this economic crisis.

However, simple apparatuses can be installed to do the work of catching these violators while keeping our police manpower doing real police work, it behoves our city not to install a speedbump at Junipero Serra and Hickey, and repositioning the traffic light up to Longford so those violators cannot block the “do not block” area on the opposite side of the street.