Protest the Protestor – August 24 11-1pm Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, CA August 9, 2013

Published at the request of South City resident  Kate Mac Kay-Nelson:

Save the Date: Saturday, August 24th 11:00am-1:00pm.

I am organizing another protest. Picnic in the Park(between City Hall and the Library) to protest the grotesque signs and/or show support for the proposed clinic.

We need to show the city that the protesters are not the only ones with an opinion. We also need to show the city we want this man’s antics gone from our town. Rejuvenating Grand just to have him diminish that progress is not fair to our families or business owners. Bring signs if you like, but this is more a show of numbers.

Just grab a burrito or sandwich and come picnic in the park. Whether you stay 30 minutes or two hours, make your voice heard. I will make a flier next week, but please get the word out. This man has been doing this in San Mateo for over 20 years. If we dont do something now, he will be here every Saturday until he dies.

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Jim Chazer So you’re suggesting that we kill him?

Anita Porpoise that is really an ignorant comment.

Jim Chazer “If we dont (sic) do something now, he will be here every Saturday until he dies.”

The only thing ignorant about it was that it assumed a certain amount of intelligence on the part of the reader.

Tari Fazio I’m relatively new to south city- can someone tell me what this is in reference to?

Anita Porpoise Planned Parenthood is opening a clinic on Grand Ave. This clinic will provide health services for women, but will NOT perform abortions. This Clown Foti from somewhere on the Peninsula drives a van with graphic pictures of an abortion and he along with some Catholics and others have been picketing on Saturdays in front of the bldg on Grand and upsetting residents with their pictures.

Everything South City Tari Fazio – First off welcome to South City and to Everything South City!

Check out our website ( for more articles yet this one might give enough background on the proposed Planned Parenthood Medical Clinic on Grand Ave that is being protested. The above info is related to a protesting the protestor as Mr. Foti arrives with graphic anti-abortion signs on Grand Ave on Saturdays, that some do not want to see on our public streets.  Here is one of the links to some background on this issue:

Bill Bleich Be prepared for a very long and drawn out legal fight with him. Do your home work regarding laws and city ordinances. Also be aware he videos everything and everybody.

Charlene Larson Thank you for protesting against this man. I will not be able to make it but I’m with you!!

Kate Mac Kay-Nelson Jim Chazer and Tari Fazio, he is 79 and has been doing this for over 20 years in San Mateo. My assumptions are that he will not retire and he will continue to protest here as he has done in San Mateo and San Francisco. Since he is not likely to live to 99, it is likely he will be protesting here until he dies. No suggestion that we kill him. There are several cities that have sent him packing by passing ordinances and by locals protesting him. If the people of South City don’t make him uncomfortable, I don’t think he will leave. Google “Ross Foti” to read about him or look for the links on the last poster that was posted on this site. Thanks to Everything South City for posting this.


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  1. darkwolf
    August 11, 2013 at 4:38 am

    Is there a sign up? I’ll go. I’m sick of these nuts who are poster children for abortion! and the clinic not even having abortion.
    Why don’t the police arrest this nut? Foti? Penna should have him arrested.

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